Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catch Up

Sorry it took so long to post! I can't believe how busy I am already with school! (And Daisy, and Bible study, and the restaurant, etc)...this is just a cute pic of Abby and Genevieve...they lay on the porch together. :)

Daisy scared me by getting bot eggs on her. A bot fly lays the eggs, and they itch the horse so they bite them off, and then the eggs get inside the horse and hatch, and the larva (I think) eats at the inside of the horse, eventually dies, and then is discarded through the, very bad.

See? All over her leg! I picked them off, though, but it was hard!

Dead bird the cats killed :-('s so pretty, even if it's dead...I hope you don't think I'm looks like it's stuffed...

My baby-Genny!! She's the most loyal cat I've ever known...she's m'girl.

Slightly blurry, funny picture.

Obviously I hadn't groomed her yet...haha.

A lot of fog last Saturday morning (Not the Saturday yesterday, but last week)...kept me from going riding with my friend Lydia :-(...I'll tell you all about that tomorrow!!!

This was taken from the could barely see the coop.

Grazing by the coop.

The barn at night.

My silly boy climbed a tree one afternoon...

^I LOVE this picture, it's so funny! ^ He's so cute, too.

Genny on the canvas covering our woodpile...she sleeps there a lot.

In the pic, huh? That's a sled behind her :-P.

What's so interesting about this picture?! Daisy is eating grass in the laneway along the driveway. Normally she won't eat there--clover isn't good enough for her. She normally waits at the gate. I spent a sweaty afternoon this summer mowing that stretch by hand--ow...back and forth and back and forth...I'm glad she ate there now. Picture taken from above--on my parent's patio.

And, last but not least, our fat indoor cat, Freckles. She decided to cuddle up with the paper clips. Silly girl!

Isn't she funny looking? She's very sweet and loving though. She's fun.

Today was in the 90's, and now it's raining and windy...I took this photo this evening in black and white mode...I love taking pictures of trees against the sky. I don't know why, but I do.

I'll try to post pictures of Lydia and her QH, Stewy, tomorrow!!! :)

I won't be able to post as often now that I have school, sorry! :-(

10:00 PM


I LOVE JESUS said...

Those were cool pictures! Thanks for posting them!!! I will try to e-mail you soon!!!

Gudl said...

Very cool photos. I don't like the dead birth though. Bad cats!!

Twinville said...

I've missed you, Mell. I'm glad you checked in with some photos. They were all terrific.
My favorites were the ones of Daisy, especially the one with her butt facing the camera and her turning her head. Cute!
I also liked the one of her grazing by the chicken coop. Funny because my horse always gravitates towards the chicken coop when I hand graze her.
She just seems so curious and calmed by them. And the chickens just love to check her out, too. haha

What a hard worker are are. Not just studying and learning while at school, but working in the restaurant, caring for your critters and even mowing down the clover for Daisy.
I'm glad to see she appreciated it! haha

I didn't think you were weird for taking a 'dead bird' photo either. The bird is beautiful and sometimes a dead bird is the only kind of bird we can get close to.
Sounds like you have some naturalist tendancies and like to study and learn more about nature. :)

Freckles is a cutie, but kind of freaks me out with her unique facial coloring. hehe

Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

Twinville said...

Oh! And I forget to mention something that might make it easier for you to remove those bots.

Have you seen those pumice type stones sold in feed stores for grooming horses. They usually even say 'good for removal of bots'.

It's so easy to use the stone. YOu just rub the stone: sort of flick it across the horse's hair and the bots just pop right off.

Hope this helps. And that Daisy doesn't get anymore bots on her either.


Anonymous said...

Love your kitties.

Zoe said...

Aww! Adorable kitty pictures!


Sarah said...

LOVE the pictures! I wanted to comment on a lot of them, but so many I can't remember!! LOL

Allen said...

Wow! Really good pictures.

Anika said...

woah, that was long, haha. cool pictures, the bird looked so still-alive...oo, the bot eggs were gross... lol


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