Friday, September 5, 2008

"I ♥ Your Blog" Award!

Guess what? I was awarded with the "I love your blog" Award from Farmgirl over at "On the Way to Critter Farm" and I love it! Thanks so much for the award!

I'm going to pass it on to some of my favorite bloggers now...Its hard, because I have at least 15 blogs that I read regularly and enjoy, but I have to choose some of you out of the bunch, so if you don't get an award, you still deserve one!

Ok, first I'll pick...

Sarah has two blogs that I enjoy, Training My Filly Valentine, "Valley" where she writes about (get this) training her 2 year old filly, Valley, and her other blog, The Thought of the Spirit, where she just writes about her's all very interesting. You totally deserve the award, Sarah!

Next up...

True, she has many other awards, including this one, so Twinville, you don't have to pass it on if you don't want to :-P....I just love her blog, Laughing Orca Ranch because it's just really fun and I love hearing about all her animals, and she's always so kind. :)

Now....well...I'd like to award other people, but most people already have this award, or lots of other ones, so although they deserve it, it might just be a bother....

Soooo, that's all the awarding I'm doing today. Thanks again SOO much for the award! You all deserve an award if you read my blog! :-P

Have a great day!

9:52 PM


Twinville said...

Aaawww, Mel. You shouldn't have. But I am so glad you did.

You just game the most ginormous smile tonight. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog so much, especially all of my critters. They bring me so much joy and I am so happy to share that with you and others. :)

But I also love your blog, too. Your joy of life carries through in everything you do. The love and special relationship you share with that gorgeous mare, Daisy Mae is just so amazing. And I love your eloquent and mature way of writing and thinking.

My friend, you are such a breath of fresh air and I'm so happy to have met you via the blogosphere.

Hugs :)

~Lisa & Baby Doll
and all the other critters on
Laughing Orca Ranch

Twinville said...

whoops. I meant to say 'gave me', not 'game'. What a dork, I am! hehe


Mellimaus said...

Awww, thank YOU Twinville, you are so kind, and I feel so loved now...not that I didn't feel loved before. :D

Sarah said...

AWW!! Thanks sooo much Mellimaus!! I will put that picture on my blog. :)

Anika said...


check out my blog, I updated it again...its cool!


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