Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Game Show


These pictures were taken yesterday by my mom at the horse show. You can see more at her blog at

The others were taken last Sunday at the open show during the trail class. Photos by Jean's sister...I LOVE the picture of us going over the jump. :)

Yesterday I was surprised and happy to see my old riding teacher, Dana, at the show with her daughter Amberlea who was showing and her husband and new baby, Chase. I took lessons at Dana's for 8 years starting when I was 4 years old and the first pony I rode there and the pony I started lessons on (and rode for years--not regularly, but probably once a year minimum) was Sunshine aka, Sunny. And GUESS WHO WAS AT THE SHOW!? Sunny!!! He's now being ridden by Amber, who is 5, and Amber rode him in the walk/trot division yesterday. She was great! It was so cute to see her bouncin' up and down to Sunny's choppy little trot, and she maneuvered the courses really well. So cute to watch. I will always remember those years riding at Dana's and remember Sunny. He's a wonderful little pony.

Lydia (who rides with me, from and older post, owns Stewy) came as well! I don't have a picture of her (:-/) but thanks for coming, that was really nice of you!

They have "lead line" classes for kids who don't know how to ride. They just sit on the horse and hold the reins while another person leads the horse around the course. One of our 4H group members did lead line on Bella and Jean led her around the course. She didn't want to do lead line when she came because we didn't know that she'd be able to do it, so when we asked if she wanted to she said "no". However, we got her to do it and she ended up getting Grand Champion in the lead linedivision! Imagine the surprise--Mrs. I-don't-want-to got a trophy! She ended up loving it and she was very happy with her trophy (Jeez, I should do lead line!). Jean's son, Levi, came toward the end of the show and I ended up doing lead line with him! He doesn't really ride and only likes western, so he wanted to ride Daisy. The stirrups didn't even fit him (he's 7) but he rode anyway, and I ran him and Daisy around the pole bending course (we didn't go off course :-P). My running paid off--Levi got 5th place! A ribbon! YEY for him! :) It was really fun and when asked if he wanted to do lead line on Daisy or Bella next year he said "Daisy" in a "duh"sorta way. :) Yey! Daisy's such a sweet girl. She may not be a fast barrel racer (Something I have come to terms with during the show yesterday--I realized, I mean) and she may not be a western pleasure horse, but she's all-around wonderful. She seems so mean on the ground, but really, she loves attention. You should have seen her a few days ago at the barn--she had I think 5 or 6 people and kids around her, petting her, and she was really quiet. Good girl.

Anyway, I'll try to post on Tuesday...I've got interesting news! But it'll have to wait. :)


Horse Lover said...

Cool! Nice pics:)! Hope you had a lot of fun!!!

Horse Lover

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What fun pictures and such a terrific day to spend with horses, friends and family.

It's funny that your Sunny is the third Sunny I've been introduced to this past week!
Goat Girl over ta "A Life Beyond the Sidewalks" just posted about her brand new 7 yr old mini named Sunny (yep, she drove him in the back of her car! haha), and then you know about the paint named Sunny at my lesson barn.

Your Sunny is a cutie. How old is he now? I bet it just made you get the warm fuzzies seeing him again. Brought back all those old memories, eh?

Way to go, Daisy for being so laid back and good natured about everyone wanting to touch her.
You've trained her well, Mell :)

I love seeing all your pictures and sharing about the fun stuff you do with Daisy :)


Gudl said...

Very nice slide show! I love the photos from Sunday. You two look great!

Anika said...

aw thats cute!


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