Monday, September 15, 2008

Stewy and Lydia

So, I finally have someone to ride with! This year I met Lydia at a Country Max store after seeing her at a 4H meeting thing, and we found out we live just streets away! We have been riding with each other every Saturday now. Unfortunately, we can only do Saturdays because she takes tennis on the other days after school and I can only ride between 2:30 or whenever I get home and just after 4 when my mom leaves for the restaurant. Anyway, Lydia has a cute, 6 year old Quarter Horse gelding named Stewy! Isn't he a cutie?! I think so! Last week we couldn't ride on Saturday because it was foggy all day, but this past Saturday we rode together! I met her on a shortcut that goes from the farm she boards at to the road that connects to my road, and we rode to my house. Then we went on our trail, got in some pictures, offered Stewy water (of course, he didn't want it, lol) and then I went and "dropped" Lydia off at the shortcut again (Stewy isn't familiar with the road enough for Lydia to ride him home alone) and I rode home. For me it was a LONG ride! Back and forth and back and forth! Altogether it was a 2 hour ride. It was good for Daisy though, who was having a problem at the beginning of the week with not listening because she had way too much energy. She was better after that long ride! :)

Probably this Sunday we will be going to an open show to do western classes (western pleasure/equitation/horsemanship/trail classes) and definitely the Saturday after we are showing in a gaming show (barrels and poles)...I'm really excited! I ordered a new saddle pad for my western saddle and a new helmet (I saved money) and I'm really hoping I'll get them in time for the show! :)

Don't expect a post for a few days... :-/
I only just got to posting--I spent the last hour or more on an essay for Social Studies...look for it on my writing blog here if you want.

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Sarah said...

Stewy's pretty! I wish I had a riding buddy nearby, and a place to ride!!

Good luck with the show coming up. :) I hope you get your saddle pad and helmet in time for that.

I posted on my Valley blog, so if ya haven't already, and you wanna look at it, here's the link (I know you already have it, but idc):

Anika said...

Stewy is sooo pretty! He's gorgeous!

Wanda said...

Sorry I haven't visited for a while. I did see you and your new friend on your mom's blog.

I think its great you have a friend to ride with.

You both look like you are having fun.

I LOVE JESUS said...

That's so cool to have someone so close to ride with! :)

Twinville said...

Wow Mell, I'm so happy for you! Lydia looks like a nice riding buddy. Do you two have a lot in common and spend hours talking and laughing?
What I would have done to have had a horse and a riding girlfriend when I was your age.
Oh, my friend, you are so blessed! :)

So how do Daisy Mae and Stewy like each other? He sure is a handsome fella.
You guys look great together :)

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New Mexico


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