Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Game Show

Sooo, the show yesterday was started with keyhole. We didn't do so well in that because Daisy wouldn't turn fast enough...once I'm at Jean's again with her this winter we're going to work on Daisy using her hind end more because she uses her front legs more...anyway, the competition was crazy there. Most horses were flipping out when they got in the ring and they were insanely fast through the courses...I knew we wouldn't really win, but we had fun anyway! Cloverleaf went ok, but it wasn't that great...for the Can race (first video) we got 4th place because a lot of people passed the cans and didn't knock them down and you weren't allowed to go back...we got 4th place! I'd say 10 people total were entered in my division, so that was pretty good. Then we did ribbon race (2nd video). I was paired up with a girl named Jamie who was borrowing someone's horse for the show. She had never ridden the went well, as you can see! I think that was one of the most fun runs. We got 2nd place! Most people went SOO fast their ribbons broke or they let go or they didn't finish through the cones...we were good, though! The last class (no video) was command class. It was combined with walk/trot, junior, and senior classes, so I think there were MINIMUM of 20 horses in the ring. Daisy and I got down the the last 2! But then someone called out a complaint about counter cantering or something, and the announced went into a spiel about how all day people had complained and that the show as volunteer based and that they should try to plan a show so in the middle of the class they stopped the whole show they were so mad. Both Daisy and I and the other pair we were against got 1st place (tied) so I got a blue ribbon...that was nice to see because there were SOO many people in the ring and last weekend when we did command we only to was great! AND the ribbons (4th, 2nd, and 1st) added up to Red, White, and Blue! :-P...

I'll post more pictures this afternoon when I get them from Jean's mom.....but right now this is an overview...Stay tuned for more!

9:43 AM


Horse Lover said...

You did really good! Hope you had fun! gtg

Horse Lover

I LOVE JESUS said...

That is really cool and I am glad that you seemed to have fun. :)

Anika said...

thats cool! that can one looks fun

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Woot Woot!! Way to go Mell!

You and Daisy were awesome out there and it looked so fun!

Red, White and Blue! Woot!

And you get the Grand Prize for wearing a helmet, my friend. You're not only a terrific rider, but also a very smart and wise person.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

You look wonderful out there, Mellimaus - fun videos!


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