Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Good Ride and a Good Roll

So today I rode Daisy on the 3.5 mile block...rain was threatening the whole time, but it didn't end up raining. After I rode her I hosed her off like I usually always do when she's sweaty, and put her out in her paddock to graze. She normally rolls after being ridden and then hosed off, so I grabbed the camera, and sure enough, I got it on tape! :)

Hope you enjoy!

7:14 PM


Sarah said...


Gudl said...

That is so cute to watch!
She is a happy girl!!

Mike said...

Haha it's funny to see a big animal like Daisy rolling around.

Twinville said...

It's plain to see Daisy brings you so much joy. Seeing her roll, and especially her silly nibbles of the grass afterwards made me an my 5 yr old daughter giggle :)

Roheryn said...

heh heh
she seems to be thinking "Well, I might as well grab a bite to eat while I'm down here."
so cute!

I LOVE JESUS said...

I like the video a lot. Baisy is so funny! I liked it best when she was eatting and laying down. :)

Jacob said...

Omg it looks like my dog trying to get all muddy after a bath. This is so funney because daisy is so big.


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