Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Strange Egg---Chicken or Hummingbird?

A few days ago I went out to the chicken coop and found this egg on the ground. I don't really think it's a chicken egg--it's very small, and our chickens are over a year old, it's been a year since they started laying eggs, so they can't possibly still be laying such small eggs, right?

I think maybe another bird flew in and laid it... Anyway, I tried to crack it in a bowl. It wouldn't crack, though, the plastic-like layer on the inside wouldn't break, so I slit it with a knife.

This is it! Isn't that yolk SMALL?! I thought it was really weird. I wonder if, because of the way the yolk is shaped, if it was already a baby bird...?

Do snakes lay eggs?

This is the yolk up close-about the size of, or smaller then, a jelly bean.
So this is it. Now-

-What are your thoughts? Could it be the egg of a hummingbird? A chicken egg? Do snakes lay eggs? That is the question.

On a different note, I start school again next Thursday--one week left. **Grumble, groan, rolls-eyes, sigh.**

6:33 PM


Allen said...

I'm thinking it's a whale egg.

Bethany said...

Yeah, it is a whale egg! :) I think snakes lay eggs. I am almost 100% sure that they lay eggs, but then again I don't know. It is pretty small though!

Zoe said...

I am pretty sure snakes lay eggs also. lol!

It could be a chicken egg though. I used to have chickens and they layed a couple eggs like that when they were way to old to be laying eggs of that size.

worminator said...

yes they do, they aren't mammals, so their fore they have to, but i don't know if that is a snake egg, i don't think it is. And that isn't a bluebird's egg, i know that. But that is weird

worminator said...

or a hummingbird, i don't think it is that

Jutta said...

Tolles Ei.....von welchem Tier ist es?

Mellimaus said...


Ich weiß nicht von welches Tier das Ei ist...möglicherweise ein Huhn oder ein anderer Vogel. :)

Danke fur ihre Kommentare!

Sarah said...

Yes, snakes definetly lay eggs. Zoe, you should be positive about that, you HAD snake eggs!

It's either a snake egg or a bird egg (not chicken).

I LOVE JESUS said...

I like the new frame for your slideshow!

Christine said...

Hmm intersting. Is it a turtle egg?

Mellimaus said...

I'm pretty sure it's not a whale egg...somehow I just have this feeling it's not---but, of course, I could be wrong :-P.

I don't think it's a snake egg, and I don't think it can be a turtle egg, either, because we don't have any bodies of water near our house, and we never see I'm just going to say it was an egg from some bird...

Twinville said...

It's a chicken egg.

My girls are almost a year old and they still occasionally lay eggs like this, especially if they have recently went broody and stopped laying while they sat on the nest.

We call them 'fart eggs' because they are so tiny they basically slip out like...well...a fart. hahah :P


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