Friday, August 15, 2008



I love how blogging works, you know why? Because through this blog I made friends with "I Love Jesus" and today I got to meet her!!! It was AWESOME! She's really nice and yeah...she has a cool dog she's raising for guiding eyes....anyway, she took this video of Daisy and I sidepassing today, and I love it. The whole time I couldn't get Daisy to sidepass unless she's walking foreward, but today I got to get her to sidepass from a stand still! She can only sidepass to the left, though, she's bad at the right. (I said she's bad at the left in the movie because I was thinking that I was squeezing her with my left leg and it wasn't working.... ;-))

Hope you enjoy!

6:20 PM


Horse Lover said...
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I LOVE JESUS said...

Really cool! I think you and Daisy did GREAT! :)

Twinville said...

That's amazing! You and Daisy did great! I'm seriously impressed.

I think alot of horses are better on one side over the other.
My Baby Doll tends to balk when I want her to turn right.

Thanks to I Love Jesus for the wonderful video taping, too.


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