Monday, August 18, 2008

Tagged-8 Things

Sooo, I was kinda tagged by Twinville-I consider myself tagged, anyway-to post 8 things that I want to do before I die...Optimistic, isn't it? Well, here goes:

  1. I want to, first of all, get through math class this year without dieing of either stress or embarrassment.
  2. I would like to have Daisy for the rest of her life, and get to be able to ride her better, learn to jump her, learn to do western reining, etc.
  3. I want to go camping, either in a tent, or in a camper, but I think a tent is more fun, and I want to do an overnight trail ride somewhere in the mountains with Daisy...I'm thinkin' Adirondacks.
  4. I want to grow up and have kids do all that stuff adults know? :D
  5. I want to be able to, when I'm older, open a horse and other farm animal, but mainly horse, rescue center. I want to rescue horses from being abused/neglected, and give them good, good luck with that, right? I'm gonna need $$...
  6. I would like to get really good at French and be able to go to France...and speak french...get my drift?
  7. I think it'd be totally cool to try to do a lot of horse sports/shows. I think it'd be really cool to try doing an endurance ride...
  8. I want to live a long and fulfilling life...maybe write a book one day...and yeah...I'm planning to change the world...
So there is my cheesy but true tagged post-y thing...I tag Anika, Allen, Sam, and Alli...and if anyone else wants to do it, be my guest-let me know if you do it!!!


Twinville said...

Tag, you're IT!
Thanks for playing, Mel.
I love everything that wrote and want to do. You are such a beautiful spirit.

9)But first off, "You WILL change the world" I just know it!

1)get through math class:
Oh you will! You are one smart cookie !

2)have Daisy for the rest of her life, and get to be able to ride her better, learn to jump her, learn to do western reining:
This is wonderful, Mel! Daisy is so lucky to have you in her life.
I hope to have Baby Doll for the rest of her life, too...and improve my riding, too. :)

3)I want to go camping: Oh you should! It's so much fun. What's stopping you? Get a tent and just set it on your property, in those gorgeous woods :)

4)overnight trail ride: Me, too!

5)grow up and have kids: If the way you care for your horse, cats and chickens is any indication, you will be an awesome Mom, Mel!

6)open a horse rescue center:Oh what wonderfully unselfish and caring aspirations! Go for it!

7)French? What? Is German not enough for you? hehe Are you aleady fluent in German? I bet you are.

8)endurance ride: Yes, yes!

Mellimaus said...

Hello Twinville!

Thanks for commenting! :)

Yes, I am already fluent in German, and I'm learning French...knowing German already really helps to learn French because a lot of the words are either the same or similar in English or in German...

Anika said...

you wanna change the world? hehe how?

I LOVE JESUS said...

It would be soooo much fun to do an overnight trailride, but I don't know if I will ever get to! And you have to sleep over sometime so we can camp out!!!!


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