Thursday, August 28, 2008


Blogger friend, Zoe, over at Joyful Sounds, posted this because she was tagged, and I decided to do it, too. :^)

I am: A crazy, horse loving, Christian girl

I think: randomly

I know: that I will survive this school year

I have: a horse and she's one of the best things that ever happened to me

I hate: snakes

I wish: that I could rescue all the horses in the world from slaughter

I miss: the county fair and Germany

I fear: snakes...
I feel: kinda bored, a little lazy lately, and kind of sleepy

I hear: the hum of the computer, the sound of a car coming into our garage right now (Dad's home!) and the clanking of the gutter against the house.

I smell: nothing at the moment

I crave: lemonade, a shower, and cookies & cream ice cream

I search
for: my camera a lot

I wonder: when I will ride a draft horse for the first time...and if I'd be too chicken to ride in a hot air balloon

I regret: staying home all day today

I love: Jesus, my horse, my parents, my brothers, my dog, my chickens, my barn cats, my indoor cat, and a lot of other stuff, but for the sake of your time (and mine) I won't list them all.

I am not: reading a book at the moment....hmmm....what to read, what to read...?

I believe: God has a perfect plan for my life, and that he is always in control (whether I like it or not) mom has this saying, in German, that is "Men think, but God steers" know? People can get ideas of what they want to do, but God is the one controlling everything...

I dance: badly, but I wish I could ballroom dance, I think that'd be cool

I sing: loudly, daily

I cry: rarely

I don't always: do what I'm told right away (right, Mom?...oops)

I fight: with no one normally...who's there to fight with?!

I write: daily, and I love it, either writing a story, or just putting pen to paper

I win:, but thanks to Daisy, I won stuff this summer! :D

I lose: a lot, but that's a part of life (you win some, you lose some)

I never: lie

I always: tell my horse everything

I confuse: my pony, by giving wrong signals at times (I know, that was a totally, nerdy, strange answer)

I listen: to Coldplay, MercyMe, and Delirious?

I can usually be found: on the computer or outside

I am scared: snakes (this is the same as what I, that was kind of dumb, scared and fear...)

I need: to shower

I am happy: that I own such a wonderful horse

I imagine: that I will one day grow up and have a barn full of horses

Soooo, I tag Anika, Sam, Allen, Sarah, and anyone else who wants to do this tag...but if I tagged you and you don't want to do it, I don't blame you.

9:28 PM


Zoe said...

lol! I was trying to figure out why it had "I fear" and "I am scared" both.

Sarah said...

OO! I can't WAIT to do that. I'm going to do it now, so go check my blog out! :D

Your scared and fear snakes? Oh. I don't. I've had a LOT of pet snakes. I would tuck my shirt in, and let them sleep in my shirt :D. I'm like a one in a million girls to do that!!

Ya know my mom will hold snakes, but not my HAMSTER!?!? She's weird.


I'll probably answer some of the questions the same as you did. :D

OK, you left a long comment on my blog, now I'm leaving a fairly long one on yours and I should probably stop typing now and go do that tag post, but this is kind of fun, but probably boring and meaningless, so fo all I care, you can ignore and/or delete this comment, cause it's pretty much meaningless, cause it's like this really long paragraph that's one sentence just like my cousin's story about Slowy the Sloth he wrote a few years ago which is like two typed pages long, but only one sentence long, so I guess I'll go do that post now, so bye!!

Sarah said...

Wow. I didn't realize how dumb that comment was until after I published it, and read it.


Oh well.

Mellimaus said...

Sarah, you are funny...ew! Snakes IN your SHIRT?! WOW, you are brave! They creep me out--so slithery ( I realize that's not an adjective) and idk gross...ewwwww...Haha, she'll hold a snake but not a hamster!? I hold hamsters, lol, but not snakes!

I'll go check your blog. :D

Mellimaus said...

OOO, we commented at the same time! :D

Sarah said...

well, I haven't done the post yet. I didn't know you'd read that comment till tomorrow. :D We r on at the same time! I think your gone now though.

Q: Did you add pix onto your slideshow? I love the one with Daisy reaching out for the treat. :D

Pedi said...

Das ist süss, dass du Deutschland vermisst!
Komm bald mal wieder!!! :-)

I LOVE JESUS said...

Hey! I like this tag. It isn't boring like a lot of these tags are. :)

worminator said...

wow, long post, but interesting, and you posted things that everybody knows. you are supposed to put things that not many people know. but oh well

Michaela said...

I remember riding a draft horse for the first time. It was my aunt's Clydesdale, Logan.


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