Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What could possibly be in this box? Hmmm....fragile....saddle...nope, haven't got a clue.

Just kidding. At approximately 1:47 PM on August the 20th a lone UPS truck drove up a certain driveway in New York State. Nonchalantly, the drive of the truck got out and heaved a large box (pictured above) onto the step of the house on this certain driveway in New York State. He then got back into his truck and pulled away. As soon as the truck was out of sight, and excited person ran out the door, dragged the box inside the house on the certain driveway, and shouted with glee!

Yes, I couldn't help myself, I had to do it in story form. OK, so on Saturday, August 16 my Mom, Gudl, ordered my first English saddle for me, the saddle I have been wanting and entering contests for since before I even had Daisy. Yes, this saddle is the amazing Wintec 500 with CAIR panels and an easy change gullet system, seat size 16.5 in. So today it arrived in the mail. Here is the inside of the box:

I bought my saddle off, it was sold by a horse supply company through Ebay, and it was a great deal. Normally the saddle itself costs $499.99. I got this AMAZING deal--I got the saddle (NEW!) WITH a Wintec elastic girth. And---

Wintec synthetic stirrup leathers.

And a wintec saddle cover.

And the Wintec Easy Change Gullet system (you can use this system in this saddle to adjust and change the size of the saddle to fit any horse).

Here is all the loot. Isn't the saddle beautiful?!? I got the pad from a friend of mine...

Unfortunately, the pad is too small, but that's ok...I can get another. :)

I'd ridden in this saddle before, so I knew it was good. I know it is synthetic, but that's partially why I wanted it-my other saddle is leather, but I wanted one I could ride in rain with, and just because it still is very pretty. I already took it apart and adjusted the gullet to fit Daisy, and bought stirrups, and took it out "for a spin" later, maybe...I just need a new saddle pad and a breast plate and an English bridle now...but seeing as I 'm out of money, that stuff will have to wait for Christmas (well, except for the pad :-P)
Altogether it cost just $499.99, a great deal, with free shipping. Isn't it gorgeous! I'll have to start riding and learning English now!!! :)


I LOVE JESUS said...

Oh!!! That is sooooo cool!!!!!! I REALLY want to see it now!!!!!!!!!! It is SO pretty!! :)

Gudl said...

You are funny, Meliss'! I am happy that you are so happy with your WINTEC 500! It really looks great.

Allen said...

Finnally! I will be able to sleep at night. You pretty much drove everyone crazy at school about that saddle. jk lol

Anonymous said...

I cannot post a trot to save my life.

Michaela said...

It has really long flaps, so it looks like you should buy a dressage pad, cuz that pink pad i gave you was an all purpose style, so another all purpose one wouldn't fit either. I can drive you crazy with more links if you want. :-) That saddle is soo pretty. Does the girth fit Daisy? What size is it. Anyway, congratulations, I know you've been waiting a long time for it.

Oh and, you don't need a breastplate for english saddles.

Princess Zelda said...

Awesome! That's a reaslly pretty saddle. I love english riding :)

Pedi said...

This is a great gift!

Anika said...

sooo sweet. hahah...i was about to say what michaela said- the flaps are suuuper long, so a dressage pad would work well. coolio. have funnnn :]

Sarah said...

That's awesome! Great deal! And cool story. That was funny.

Twinville said...

Oh Mell! I am so thrilled for you!!!

Your new saddle is truly beautiful and I know it looks gorgeous on Daisy with you in it, too.

I can't wait to see the photos! :)

worminator said...

cool, that looks like a nice saddle.


Renie said...

wow im so happy for you and daisy!!!!!


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