Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ribbons/Trophies/Plaque, and Eggs

Just a gorgeous pic I took of Daisy on Tuesday morning, at the same time that I took the video (see post below this one!!!!)...isn't it a great pic of her? I'm sooo happy that she looks so shiny, and fit, and even her socks (the white on her legs are called socks) are relatively clean. Too bad she has her fly mask on...but I still like it! :)
These are my ribbons, plaque, and trophies! I had a few people ask for a pic of them...I think you meant with me, but I didn't get that to happen, so I just got a picture of the stuff itself...

Soooo, this is the plaque (or, as 4H calls it, a revolving trophy). It was started in 1996 by the Heads Up 4H Club (as it says). They mad the original board and top plaque, and put all the small plaques on it, and the idea was that every year the winner of the Junior, Western Command Class would get the trophy, engrave their and their horse's name (as well as the year) on it, and pass it on to the next year's winner. I won it for this year, and I found that the person from last year hadn't filled their name and horse's name in! SO, I'm hoping to find out who it was, put the info in, put mine in, and keep it, because my name would be the last one-it's the last empty space! It's really interesting to read the names of the horses, and people, and think that when I was still really little, that trophy was started! I like the idea of it...

Now, I'm posting this because I wanted to show what the eggs in the last video (see below post!) looked like after I washed them, because they looked pretty gross and unloved sitting in the box :-P. Don't they look nicer now? There were a dozen altogether, but two of them ended up having weak shells and breaking, so Abby (our dog) got them with her dry food for dinner. :) It gives her a shiny coat. :^)

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Wanda said...

Hi Melissa ~~ I'm so impressed with Daisy and You... What a wonderful set of Ribbons, Tropies and (my spell check) plaque and eggs.

I love soft boiled eggs on a piece of toast.

Nice post dear.

Mellimaus said...

Ahhh, plaque, I knew that! ;-)

I LOVE soft boiled eggs! They're the best! :D

Sarah said...

Shiny Daisy!! I heart that picture of your trophies and ribbons!! It's a great one!

Those eggs look so loved now!!

Congrats FYI for winning! Sounds cool to get your name and Daisy's name on the plaque!

Anika said...

didn't you spell plaque correctly? i didnt see any wrong...oh, did you change it already? the plaque thing is really cool, you pass it on and stuff, since you're last, do you get to keep it? thats sweet. r u done showing now?

I LOVE JESUS said...

Congrats on the plaque! It would be so cool to get to keep it. :)

Anonymous said...

All those ribbons and the plaque are from one Fair? I can't even believe it-- it's so many! Thanks for taking pictures-- I was one of the people asking. And congratulations again.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and you and your family should definitely come to NYC in December again so we can go this:

Twinville said...

That's a gorgeous photo of Daisy! She looks great!

And congrats on all those ribbons and trophies. How exciting about the history of the plaque, too.

Those eggs cleaned up nice. We give our ooops eggs to our cats, too. That's probably why they have shiny soft fur, eh?
Do you give your chickens oyster shell and calcium fortified layer feed? That should help with the weak shells. We also give our hens the leftover milk from our cereal bowls to add in some extra calcium.

Mellimaus said...

Yes, we do feed them stuff called "layer crumbles" that has oyster shells and calcium in do you feed them the milk? In a bowl?

Gudl said...

Yes, Gregor, let's hope we can come and visit and see this in NYC in December!! I am all for it !!

Anonymous said...

Cool ribbons and trophies. Hmmm. I could use one of those fly masks!


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