Monday, July 14, 2008

Visit to My Brother's Place

So, I know this is totally overdue, but I'm going to post about my trip to my brother, Markus's, house. He is living with his girlfriend Kristin and her daughter, Savannah. They have 4 horses-Sunny, a Tennessee Walker, who gave an unexpected foal this spring named Lightning, Bob, Savannah's paint pony, and Markus's own, new horse, Buck, a buckskin quarter horse. They also have 4 dogs-Sasha, Markus's (lively, but REALLY FUN) rottweiler/German shepherd mix girl, Jezabelle, Kristin's sable German Shepherd, Bandit, an Australian shepherd originally bought for Savannah, and their indoor dog, Toby, a Pomeranian mix, I think. They live in a cute little town, and it's strange because when we pulled up, I didn't think it was the place, because it was right by/inside the village! But behind the house is the horse's pasture, and it feels like you're in the country...I guess you are. Anyway, the slide show is of our (my cousin Anika and my) visit there. We got to ride the horses, visit some other horses that are near them, bath and play with the dogs, play with Toby and Savannah, everything. Thanks SOOO much to Markus and Kristin for letting us come! It was a great time!

BTW, the "horses on the hill" in the slide show, and Ratchet and the baby, are not Markus or Kristin's horses. They are boarded at the place M. and K. used to board at. The horses graze on a BEAUTIFUL, big hill and it was just gorgeous out there, with all the black and white paint horses. The goats in the pictures are from the same place, and they were really cute, too! I have noticed that goats are very photogenic.

I know this post isn't Daisy related, but I decided to let it slip...sorry if you don't find it that interesting! :-/



Sarah said...


OMJ! TOBY IS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Can I have him? :D

Bob, Lightning, and the other foals were really cute too!! I LOVED the foals!!

Buck is so pretty!

Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Wanda said...

My what a awesome slide show. You are becoming quite professional with your photography~

The horses and dogs are great!

Pedi said...

Wow, great slideshow and very nice pictures!
My favorite one ist "wink wink", very funny :-)

Markus said...

We are very glad you had so much fun! Hope you can come back sometime!

Renie said...

It sounded very fun and the pictures are GREAT!

Renie said...

Are you still excited as ever to go to Jeans?

Gudl said...

Yes, the photos are great and I am very happy that you all had so much fun.
All the animals are beautiful.

Anika said...

*sigh* it was SOOOOOO fun there!! toby is just so cool . i could totaly see him in a dog magazine. such a good time. i love the "Another horse anika loved" hahah. :]]]

Twinville said...

Looks like a wonderful visit, Mel! I can see why their foal is named Lightning. Cool blaze, eh!

I liked how you were all riding bareback, too. That buckskin is gorgeous! What kind bridle is he wearing. It reminds me of my Dr Cook's Bitless.

The dogs looks so happy. Love that Sable Shepherd, too. I like the dog run they built. Cool!

Oh, those goats are cute! Looks like Boer goats, which are usually raised for meat.
You took some amazing photos, Mel. Good job!

Mellimaus said...

Thanks soo much! NO, if anyone gets Toby, it's me!!! ;-) Haha.

Thanks for stopping by (and leaving a comment!)

Hey, Pedi! Yeah, I like "Wink, wink" too, we couldn't believe it when we actually got him winking ON CAMERA! :D

I'm commin' back, don't you worry. We'll have to see what August looks like ;).

I'm off to Jean's TODAY, and I'm really, really excited! YEY!

I love ya Mom. <3

I still think Toby should get thos doggles (dog sunglasses). He would carry them really well, lol!

The bridle Buck is wearing is a bitless, and it's pretty much just a piece of nylon that works a lot like your bitless-you pull one rein and it kind of pulls his head to the side you asked him to go to. It's kind of strange, but Buck rides very well with it, so...Oh no, they can't be meat goats!!! :-(

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.


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