Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chicken Coop/Daisy Video

So I took another video of the chicken coop, and Daisy, on Tuesday morning...It's kind of random, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Also, I will have a post above this one ^^ so check it out...

9:14 PM


Gudl said...

very funny!

Sarah said...

Cool video! I like the chicken's name 'Powerpuff Girl' :D

Anika said...

ahhhahhah! melissa- 'no one brought in the eggs yesterday!' lol! poor bibby's sitting on all of them waiting for them to hatch...ahaha.
yeah, Powerpuff Girl is such a funny name to hear. 'that's lilly, and that's powerpuff girl..' ha.

I LOVE JESUS said...

Your chickens are so cute. :) I hope to meet them some day SOON! :)

Anonymous said...

it's like you posted up a storm yesterday and I missed it! Nice video but we need an update on Genny and Groeny!

Twinville said...

hahaaha! Bibby was keeping those eggs safe and warm for you! hehe

I was laughing out loud when I heard you say, "Hello Chickies!"
Because I say the exact same thing to my chickens every day and probably sound just like you, too!

Thanks for the great tour!


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