Saturday, July 12, 2008

Long-Overdue Post

First of all, I have to make the usual excuse for not posting: It's summer, and I'm tooooooo busy....I'm sorry! This week up until Thursday my cousin Anika was here, and when Anika left on Thursday, my Uncle Greg came, and then on Friday my cousin Renie came, and ahhhhhhh, I just haven't posted. I'm sorry (again!)! Tomorrow we are seeing the musical, Wicked (YEY, YEY, YEY!) and on Tuesday Daisy is going to Jean's house, and on Wednesday I start "camp"-I'll be staying for 10 days at Jean's with Daisy, practicing for the show on Daisy and Bubba, and then next Sunday is an open show at the fairgrounds, on Monday is an open show at the fair, and the rest of the week I'll be showing at the fair. We will be getting a stall for every horse at the fairgrounds, and spending everyday there, then trailering them home to Jean's at night. I will try to post on Monday, but I guess I'm not promising anything. I did go and visit my brother, Markus, last weekend, and I still haven't posted the pictures from there, even though I want to. I tried to upload the pics to before, but it didn't work.... :-(

In the meantime, I leave you with this picture of my brother's new horse, Buck!!! ISN'T HE CUTE?! He is. :) Talk to you soon!

9:31 PM


Gudl said...

Buck really looks very beautiful and friendly, too.

Markus said...

you misspelled the link to my blog :-p

and thats my background on my lap top hehe.

mitzi said...

Oh Buck is so pretty!!!!!

Anika said...

oo! i took that picture!! ;] he was such a good horsie. :]]

Sarah said...

Bucks pretty!

Twinville said...

I want to know what kind of bridle he has one. It looks really comfortable and easy to use and also casual.
It reminds me a little of my Dr. Cook's Bitless.
Buck is one handsome horse.


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