Friday, July 10, 2009

I Love Summer

Guess where I went today?!? Buffalo, New York, to Jean's Dad's house! This time, I took the trip without Daisy .

Jean offered for me to come along late last night, and I accepted, seeing as how it's summer and it's nice to get "out and about". We drove down with her two kids, 4H members, and another member, "S".

The reason for the trip was to pick up Jan from the Equine Correctional Facility :-P back in May when I went down. Once we got there, Jan's owner rode Jan, and I did, as well. Prior to the little training experience Jan had there, Jan had a terrible problem rearing.(Jan is the chestnut, starting in the 3rd picture) He wasn't ridden often, and was never properly trained, so he had quite some trouble listening. He got away with being naughty too many times; it was time to crack down on him. He's definitely improved since being in training; he was pretty much a pleasure to ride, although I was cautious not to ask too much of him. In a few weeks, after our County Fair, Jean hopes that I will ride Jan a few times a week to keep him in shape, along with her sister, so that he'll be kept in "check" and soon sold. I rode him and he did pretty well; it's strange riding another horse. It makes me realize how much I know Daisy. Having ridden her for 2 1/4 years now, I can anticipate practically her every move; I can tell if she's in a good mood and will be a nice, willing ride, or when she's in a bad mood and will be kinda awful, or when she's just having a day where she pretends she's never been ridden and acts like she doesn't understand me. I can tell if I'm approaching something that will potentially spook her, and I know her quirks and how to make her listen. It's strange riding another horse, like Jan, that has a bad reputation. That's all I could go on with him; I didn't know how he preferred the reins were held, how fast he liked to go, how much he could handle before he'd "flip". In all, he was just hard to read. I guess that's what's interesting; riding a horse I don't know makes me really in-tune to what's going on with him, verses riding Daisy I know her well enough that things are more automatic.

I'm riding Jan in the 6th picture; it was hard to get pictures in the ring. The first picture is just of a pretty horse at the farm...

Anyway, we loaded Jan up and drove home, stopping and turning around once because of a forgotten saddle, stopping for ice cream, and stopping for drinks.

"S" and I saddled up for a ride; she road Mouse, a lesson pony that's she's leasing, and I rode Sissy, a pretty mare that Jan's owner also owns. She's in the 2nd picture. She's much better behaved than Jan.

We had a long, fun trailride. After discovering how buggy the woods were, we stayed on the edges of the alfalfa fields. Mouse was never taught to canter, but we got him (accidentally) to a canter 3 times! :D

Afterward, we gave Bubba a bath for a show he has Saturday morning.

I had a fun day; I love that summer allows flexibility in schedule; I'm free to do *anything*.

Hope you enjoy your summer, too!


Gudl said...

Nice write-up! I am glad you had a fun day. You and S. look great on your horsies.

Lydia said...

I know exactly what you mean about being able to read horses you know well, like I can "read" Stewy. I know when he's going to spook (he does this little ear thing and tenses up). I also rode my friend Olivia's horse, and it was kind of strange riding a new horse when I've ridden only Stewy for such a long time, only with one or two times when I ride other horses over like a year.


ILJ said...

sounds like fun. :) and great job getting Mouse to canter! :D

Anika said...

woah, i didn't see you posted! wow, that was in may?! i thought it was like 3 weeks ago! lol, prolly cuz you only posted like 3 times after. I wish I could be at a barn where the owner wants me to ride for her sometimes. I never ride. :[ But, sounds like you're having fun!


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