Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life is Good

GUESS who got a new western saddle on Friday!?!?! ME! Sooo, let me tell you about it :)
Last Friday, Daisy was picked up to be driven about 1 1/2 hours to a place just outside of Buffalo, New York. Her traveling companion was a pretty boy named Jan (stands for January something-or-another (idk)). She trailered up pretty well; she paused for a minute because she wasn't sure of what to think of Jan's whinnying and stamping as he was already in the trailer, but she loaded pretty quick and they got along; she didn't bite him (That's a plus). I rode down with Jean and with Jan's owner, sharing fun horse stories and plans for the season...

Once we got there we took around; those are the horse pasture's at Jean's dad's place (who owned the tack shop).

The tack shop.

More horse pastures :)

We unloaded Jan and brought him into his new place.

Jan took the trip down with Daisy to visit the "Equine Correctional Facility" part of the property :-P. Jan has a rearing problem that just didn't stop, so now he found himself in a new place :). Ironically, Daisy spent a month at the Correctional Facility as well. Jean originally got Daisy because her old owner became afraid of her. Jean didn't have time to ride Daisy, so Daisy went to Jean's dad's place for a tune-up. Turned out, she didn't need much of a tune-up, because she only spent a month there.

Jan quickly met his stable mate in his stall. There were some very pretty horses in the barn; it's very cozy there, and pretty cool looking.

Like these two pretty horses that were across the aisle (I know, look like Jan and his new "friend").

After settling Jan into his new place, we headed to the tack shop. It's small, but filled literally to the ceiling with stuff: English and western saddles and bridles, halters, lead ropes, saddle pads, gifts, consignment stuff and new. The first saddle he showed me was this one. I didn't like it originally; it looked boring (I know, I'm so...picky:-P). However, I tried it on Daisy, and it fit her, so we headed to the round pen to try it out while riding and make sure it was good.

His round pen was AWESOME. It was indoor, and sanded. The walls were high, with just some windows, and there was a place where you could sit up high and look down onto the ring. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good picture of the ring because of lighting. But that's not the point. I got in that saddle and I fell in love (*sniff*). It was SO comfortable. And it fit Daisy. And it fit me like a glove. SO well. It was so comfortable, not to big or too little, and just wonderful. It was handmade by a private person (company?), not a big retailer. The leather is in GREAT condition. It's old, so it's heavy, but it was great. So of course I bought it. For $400. Which, according to Jean and her dad, is VERY cheap considering how much that saddle probably cost when it was brand new (Think a couple thousand dollars here). Jean's dad looked sad to see it go, lol, and said that if it had fit him he would have kept it for himself.

Saddle in the trailer, we loaded Daisy back up for the ride back, her alone that time.

Of course, she got a couple treats. (Man, I love my horse.)

I know, blurred picture...we drove back home.

With a beautiful new saddle.

Tomorrow the Yautzy Road Yahoos are riding and walking in a parade nearby. I'm so excited!

Hopefully I'll let you know how it goes by tomorrow night...hopefully. :)


I Love Jesus said...

soooo cool!!! have fun at the parade and i can't wait to hear about it!!!! love the new saddle too. i wish our western saddle wasn't broken. :(

Gudl said...

Your saddle looks great! I am glad you finally found one and you and Daisy are happy with it!

Anika said...

cool! thats good news :] what happened to your old western saddle?

Lydia said...

Looks like your new Western Saddle was an AWESOME deal and for that price is in EXTREMELY good shape!!! I'm glad for you.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh love the saddle..very beautiful! Neat experience too...too funny.... a horsey correctional facility!
Well, Daisy and you make a great team and I love the way you love her!
I left the basrn thinking that too...I just love my mare Wa!

Misha said...

that's so cool! I think your new saddle is very pretty :P

Wanda said...

I haven't been by for so long...sorry.

Your blog background is wonderful and your pictures great.

What a great saddle!

I'll try to visit more often. I do think of you and Daisy Mae from time to time.


Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

Hey Mellimaus! Tag Your It! Head over to my blog, Life with Sonny and Red, to figure it out!

~Lauren, Sonny, and Red~

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sorry for the late reply. Congrats on the 'new' saddle. It sure is pretty with all that fancy leather tooling!

I hope you had a great time in the parade!


Misha said...


Anika said...



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