Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday's Horse Show

Yesterday, Sunday, I joined Jean for the second part of an event she went to. Saturday was dressage, which I missed, but dressage put them in 4th place for their division, Beginner Novice.

Bubba used to be a big-time awesome show horse. He could jump anything. As a young(er) horse, he once jumped the bed of a truck. Yeah, I know, I'm tellin' you, awesome. Anywhooo, he's still pretty much AMAZING, but this year he seems to have lost some of his drive...the first show of the season, in June, left Bubba and Jean in 12th place, having done badly in dressage, knocking rails, and him hitting his hooves on cross country jumps as well. Jean and Bubba's real owner, Karin, the lesson teacher, decided to take Bubba down a level and just see how he was. It seems that, sadly, this may be his last year eventing.

Up until this week, they weren't sure if Bubba would be able to pull off now last-weekend's event. He seemed to be doing well, though, so they entered.

Evidently, he could handle it! Jean said on Cross Country he rode like a maniac, and even though Jean tried HARD to hold him back, they finished in 4 minutes 47 seconds...the optimum time was 6:05. The minimum time was 5:05...he ran so fast, Jean got a blister that popped at the same time on cross country. Ouch.

He's crazy. But he's awesome.

Anywho, I love taking pictures at events, but it's super hard to get timing right when they're jumping...I tried, so that's the slide show.

They ended up in 6th place for time penalties in cross country and a jump penalty in stadium...Jean had to circle a jump, she crossed some line (I don't get it) and it was counted as a refusal...but that's still good, considering!

I had fun at the show, and seeing all the beautiful horses there is always well as walking jump courses and's all interesting; a learning experience.


Lydia said...

The cross country pictures were really good! Especially the last one. You got the timing just right on that one. Sounds like Bubba did great!! ♥♥


Anika said...

woww! thats a fast time! :] That's cool, he's a good jumper!


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