Monday, July 13, 2009

She's Gettin' the Hang of It

Right-lead cantering, that is.

*This is Daisy's usual face; with ears back. But I've gotten used to it. I just thought I'd show you...she likes to try to convince you that's she's better then you. I just ignore her attempt and it's fine. :)*
"Please open up my grass pen, Mom!"
I've been working super hard on getting Daisy to use her right-lead. I think she's FINALLY getting it.

Everywhere we went, I didn't let her canter unless it was a right-lead. Maybe once a week I'd take a break and let her do whatever she wanted. Sometimes, she'd pick up her right-lead by herself. Other times, I'd enjoy her left lead, and how collected and strong it is compared to right.
Now, she's doing pretty darn well! She at least has a feel for when it's better for her to use right or left lead. Yesterday, I cantered her on our lawn, which is SMALL but it's better then absolutely nothing, and she started out with her usual left lead when it should have been right. She realized how hard it was, and I moved her down to trot and asked for canter again and she picked up her right-lead really quick. When we ride on the road, the shoulder of the road is kinda angled, and she'll pick up whatever lead makes the angle less noticeable...

Most horses should do that stuff without trouble; it's horse common sense. Daisy isn't that kinda horse. I think it's a miracle in itself that she does this now. Last year, it was left-lead or no lead.

My county fair is next week, and I'm going to be showing in it. I really hope that Daisy will keep up her leads in the show ring; we still probably won't win things like pleasure classes because she's not collected enough, but it's worse when you look terrible because she doesn't even do her leads right. Last show we went to, the judge pulled me over and said "You're a good pair, but you need to work on her leads a little." That was frustrating, because that judge had no idea how hard I was already trying.

At least I know that Daisy can do it now; it's not just for show-ring sake; it really is more comfortable for her to just do her leads then feel choppy going right using her left lead :-P lol.

Right now, I'm taking a break riding...I'm still riding, but yesterday I only rode in a halter and reins, and today and tomorrow I'm doing the same. That's because of this:

Daisy seems to have cut her lip on her bridle, and each time I use it it gets cut open again...I've been using the same bridle for 2 years, and this never happened, so I don't know what's up...I'm giving it some time to heal for now...

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Daisy is getting picked up and brought to Jean's house...Wednesday I have a kinda "lesson" with Jean on jumping, along with another 4H member, and then we have a 4H mounted meeting...Next Sunday is our first show. It's a games show(Gymkhana), so that's fun. :)
Monday is no show, Tuesday is English day at the county fair, so I ride all English classes, Wednesday is mounted (relay) games, Thursday is Western day, Friday is Gymkhana, and Saturday is an open show where we're staying for the English part of the day...

Until my next post,


Lydia said...

At the County Fair this year, you're Sr., right? So we won't be in the same classes. =(
I wanted to do Gymkhana, but decided it would get Stewy to "riled up". Toby thinks he might have some "gaming blood" in him or something. Last year, when I was trying to decided whether or not to do games, I decided to practice a bit of keyhole, but not at a full-out gallop or anything, just a relaxed canter. So I turn around at one end of the indoor arena facing the wall, and then I count down, and turn around and start cantering down the line. Once we got to the other end, we turned around and cantered back. The first and second times he was fine, but then once he got the hang of it, it was almost as if something clicked in his mind that he was doing some gaming, and then the third time (I think it was the third time), he tried to gallop and buck me off... So, no games for me... =(

Mellimaus said...

No, I'm riding Junior, still, as far as I 4H age I'm still junior.

Daisy likes to game, but she's not an insane gaming horse...she has fun, and trys to "kill" the barrels, and can really get into it, but she's not's almost funny, we'll wait at the start gate and she'll fall asleep, and we wander in the ring all relaxed, and the minute I ask for a gallop she's off and running :-P

Anika said...

Maybe the bridle's too tight? and thats why shes getting the cut? It's good that she's getting the right lead! Hard work pays off! :p


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