Tuesday, July 28, 2009

County Fair: Tuesday; English Day

Sorry it's taken so long to post! I have SO many pictures, and I only just got to this...I'll break Fair week into day-by-day posts. Today I cover the first day, English day...

We actually did an open Games show the Sunday before...it was fun, as game shows always are, but nothing really notable...Daisy was a speed demon, no surprise. :)

English day started out with Showmanship, which 4H requires. I dislike showmanship, let me just put that out there. Last year, I didn't even place, I literally went out and just got it done. This year, I wasn't really meaning to care so much...but I did. I looked over the patterned and helped the walk/trotters (first picture) and then cleaned Daisy up, spent FOREVER braiding her mane, got cleaned up myself and went out. We were awesome. Our "walk from first cone to second" was fine, we got our trot from second cone to judge in the end...not right away, but she started trotting next to me, and we stood for "inspection". When judged in showmanship, you have to pretend the horse is split in quadrants, and when the judge circles the horse you have to make sure you are never in the same "quadrant" as the judge, but are always looking at them...so that means switching from one side of the horse to the other. We got that down pat. :)
The pattern ended with a 270 degree turn to the end of the ring and walk away. Daisy actually PIVOTED the turn; I wasn't really sure she would, but she did! :)

We ended up getting first place showmanship, and a trophy...I'll make a post later with trophy pictures.

The second picture is of the Showmanship line-up(Can you spot us? Second from the left), and the third is Lydia and Stewy! She hasn't even posted about fair yet, but I figured I would! :D

Then we did English classes...the first class out, I thought Daisy felt great. She didn't pick up her right-lead right away, but she did after the 2nd or 3rd try, and I still thought she looked good and she DID do it in the end...so I was super surprised when we got last place (6th). The judge came over and informed me that Daisy's left hind was swollen. I knew that already; she stocks up (swells) sometimes when she's at Jean's house because the stall is smaller there so she doesn't pace as much at night...he said that that may be why she was hesitant to pick up her right-lead. I told him that she's always had trouble with it. He said she looked "off" in her hind end and that I should really think about what classes to enter with her. I couldn't believe it! I went out and, as someone said I should,I iced her leg for awhile...it didn't help. I really didn't want to scratch because she felt so awesome; I hadn't thought anything was wrong. Other people also said she seemed fine. Then finally Jean pointed out that maybe the judge THOUGHT she was in pain because her ears were back all the time. *Light bulb goes off in my mind*. DUH! Daisy always has her ears back; he probably confused that. I went back out, Daisy got her leads right away, and we got 2nd place. I will say, though, it was awkward going back in the ring, because the judge was totally eye-balling me, like "So you decided to join us despite the fact that your horse's leg is swollen?". But we got through, and he didn't hold it against us...

We did decently in English; I had a lot of fun, even though we aren't the greatest at it. At the end, I entered a Hunter Hack class, and Lydia and I had to fight over who would get last place; her because Stewy wouldn't canter (OR SO SHE THOUGHT) and me because Daisy is flat over jumps...Daisy felt pretty good, I collected her, but Lydia DID canter, so she got 2nd and I got 3rd (last place)...it was one of those classes where I didn't expect to win, so I entered for fun...and it WAS fun! :D Loved it!

By the way, I almost cropped out the golden edge on the last picture, but then decided I was too lazy.
Did you recognize it yet, Lydia? It's Stewy's hind end :-P lol.
I wonder what I'm looking at? I look silly in English clothes; my hair is layered so under a helmet it looks funny...oh well. :)

Just want to point out, do you see the second-to-last picture? I LOVE it; too bad I'm looking down (at my diagonal??? :P) or else it'd be perfect...but anyway, Daisy's actually stepping under herself in it! She seemed to be a lot better this year; she leaned more on her hind end like she should; she wasn't as "fore-handy". I think she and I really (in Emeril's words) "kicked it up a notch" since last year. Wait until you hear about the rest of the week! :D


Michaela said...

Congrats! if her leg gets swollen, maybe you should try standing wraps. If she wears them in her stall, it might prevent some swelling.


Lydia said...

Great pictures!! Lol, yes, I figured out right away that was Stewy's HUGE butt. Seriously, though. We braided his tail one day, and it made his butt look even HUGER than it already is!

I'm going to post very very very soon. I think I will right now. ;-)

Lol, the Hunter Hack class was HILARIOUS.

"I'm going to get 3rd"
"No, I'M going to get 3rd"
"I don't think so"
"Well I do"
"Well... *all of a sudden is quiet and puts hand up*"
"Yes! HA!!"

Lol. :P


Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

Sounds like fun! I remember showing with my freinds:) **looks wistfully off into the distance** I miss it:)! We would play around with the horses together and on the ride home (we would have to get up at 4:30am) we would horse around and then pass out on each other! SOOO fun!

ILJ said...

You guys look great! :) And great job on showmenship! :) I can't wait to see pictures of your awards!

Gudl said...

You all did look great! So grown up! I was very proud of you!! Good job!


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