Wednesday, July 29, 2009

County Fair: Wednesday; Mounted Games

Wednesday was mounted games day at the fair. Junior and Senior members were combined and divided into two teams to compete against each other; walk/trotters were divided into two against each other as well.

We did fun relay games. One was "baton race"; you weaved poles holding a baton and handed it off to the next person. Another was "Special Delivery" where you had a mail bag with magazines in it. You had to weave down some poles, stop, put a magazine in the mailbox, and weave back. I love the picture of Daisy and I; Daisy's just standing there, all patient. That's only funny because she goes racing back like a mad women as soon as I'm ready for her; she's a good listener. :)

One of the last games was "Tennis Tournament". You had a tennis racket and had to carry a ball on it to the end of the ring, drop it in a bucket, and run back. Daisy would have nothing of the racket. Normally when she's afraid of an object (like the mailbag) she gets over it after you wave it around a little, let her smell it, and talk to her. NOT so with the racket! She didn't like it at all; I had to be really careful that I didn't move fast with it or let her see it too often :-P.

The 4th picture is of Can Stack race...

The first picture is (kinda blurry) of the team I was on; the second is of our "rival" team. They ended up winning most games and got high point for the day, but oh well. It was still fun; mounted games day is always laid back and fun :).

One of the races was "Potato Race" which I think we won, but you had to run down to one barrel, pick up the single potato on it, run to another barrel, and drop it in...I have a great picture somewhere where I'm practically falling off Daisy leaning down for the potato, and I missed it :P. I didn't at the time think I was falling, but the pic makes you think I am! I'll try to find it. :)

Next is Western Day...hopefully tomorrow I can find the photos for western day...they aren't in my possession so far :-P.

Until then,

In case anyone wonders, this is my 200th post! I started this blog May 4th, 2007...See the first month of blogging here.


ILJ said...

do you always have teams for the game day?

Mellimaus said...

Yup, we do...barrel racing on Friday is individual. :)

Gudl said...

These photos are great!
And yes, Daisy is a race horse!! You looked awesome on her!

Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

Daisy and you looked GREAT!!! Sounds like you had fun!

Lydia said...

You can use my pictures I sent you if you want! =)

I want to go to gaming next year. Do you have to use a Western saddle?

Mellimaus said...

For Mounted games (Wednesday) you can use English. Practically our entire club does!
I TOLD you you should do it! It's SUPER laid back; I didn't want to say it, but we didn't do so well in Mounted games because one of our rider's had a horse that was afraid of most of the games, so we placed last a lot. but it's STILL fun and you still get PAID FOR IT! Plus, if there's only two teams and you keep getting seconds, that's STILL money for a second place, you know what I mean? Plus games are just fun :).

Oh, I don't think you mean Gymkhana, but if you do, that does require western saddles X-(. But our club is trying to change that. :)


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