Sunday, November 9, 2008

SMB3 Boots

Last summer at the county fair I borrowed some of Jean's boots and tried them on Daisy. I got slightly sidetracked, and after putting the boots on Daisy, I just hopped on her. WELL, she went bucking 4-5 times in the row, all the way to the ring. I was like "oops!"...she almost ran into a man. Luckily, I think he understood horses, he didn't seem angry (I apologized)...anyway, I got right off her and took the boots off. Since then, I've been meaning to get Daisy boots anyway for two reasons:
  1. So that she is protected from hitting her hoof on her leg while galloping/turning and cutting her leg with her hoof accidentally (she tends to bonk her legs together)
  2. and to provide support, as in, something to absorb the energy of her legs hitting pavement/grass/ground....
So. I have earned money and saved it and on Monday I ordered my Proffessionals Choice SMB3 boots..YEY! I got them in Navy Blue...Daisy's show color is baby blue, but I figured I'd just have to be happy with atleast a shade of blue ;-).

Here they are!:
Along with the boots, I decided to get Daisy her vitamins. I started feeding her Sho-Glow vitamins from MannaPro last spring/summer, but it was $12 a bag and only lasted a little over a month at a time, so my mom said (and I agreed) that I should just use it in the winter, when she's not getting as many vitamins as in the summer from grass. Online, I saw that it was only $9.99, AND if you bought two or more packages, it was $7.99!!! PLUS if you spent over $99 shipping was free! Well, I had already spent over $99 on the boots, so shipping was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I got a good deal. I bought two bags of the stuff to last me up until least, it should last that long ;-).

SO this morning I groomed Daisy...

Then (after having Daisy give the boots each a once-over by way of nostrils,) (wow, what a dumb saying, lol, I'm silly...but anyway) I tried them on Daisy.

She just had to stick her muzzle in my face inbetween to inquire about the boots, and why in the world they had to be stuck to her legs.

After I got them on I walked her around a bit to get her used to them.

(hours after):

I rode Daisy. I took a video of me riding her. I will show you it later. You'll just have to wait in suspense to find out if she bucked again or not ;-).

It's taking awhile to upload to youtube, as always, so stay tuned. :)


Southern Commander said...

Yo!lol! Cool! My new trainer wants to put them on Sonny since he is only 3 and a half and is jumping but my old trainer(and my favorite) said not to and she should know since she won the Nationals in Pony jumping! But she said if he started hitting his legs a lot I would have to put them on him...... Well gtg!

Southern Commander

I LOve jesus said...

Those boots are very cool! :) I can't wait to see the movie!!! :)

Anika said...

aw they're so blue! loll

on the package it looks like you ordered red ones, but its actually the picture. lol it was confusing. what are the vitamins for? just vitamins? haha =]

Mellimaus said...

Southern Commander:
Sonny is only 3 1/2? And you jump him?! WOW! How high?

I Love Jesus:
Hey! The movie is up! Except, of course, once you read this,you'll already know that :-P ;-). lol

Yerrp just vitamins....for they have selenium in them...a lot of horses in this area have selenium defficiencies, apparently, because there isn't enough in the ...grass? ground?...idk, but I got it mostly for the selenium...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! I love that photo of her upside down muzzle. Too cute!

Good for you for being so savy with saving money and getting good deals, too!

And those boots looks awesome on Daisy. She looks so pretty!

I can't wait to watch the video :)


Lydia said...

those boots look soooooooo great on daisy mae! oh, btw, ive been obsessed with calling my cat miss daisy mae for the past few days lol!
anyways, i ♥ the pics, especially the one with daisys nosie!!! lol!


Anonymous said...

Those are pretty awesome i like the blue.


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