Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jax's Attempt at Abducting Daisy


Thank you.


Gudl said...

How cute!!

Southern Commander said...


~Southern Commander~

i love jesus said...

awww!!! so cute! :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I loved reading the story of how you earned some of the money for Daisy! Jewel, Reba and Jax are adorable (and beautiful!) - what does their owner DO with them? Are they show horses? I can just see Daisy pretending not to care about those little guys but then fretting when you don't go to visit...she is SO funny!
Great post(s).

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Do you know that one of my twin sons' name is Jackson? We nickname him Jax! LOL!

And I'm laughing at how Jax the stallion is trying to eat my favorite cotton reins! :)

New Mexico

Anika said...

haha omg that was so cute!! hed take them and try to pull daisy. awwww lol

Lydia said...

Haha... wow... you should post a video with Jax trotting back and forth along the barn and swining his head around... and then sniffing "you know what"... you know what... nevermind I guess that was a little obscure... lol!

Anyways, love the video!!!
Gotta get back to a Social Studies Project... trying to procrastonate here... lol!

ֆlick Mysterζ said...

lol sooooooooo cute! +<:-D

Sarah said...

Lol! so cute! You might end up needing new reins! lol

Southern Commander said...

Tag your it!!! Head on over to my blog to figure out what I am talking about:D!!!

~Southern Commander~


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