Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bird's Eye View

I went on a map site today and looked up our house! The first picture is what I got. The picture is at least 2 years old, because our garage isn't there yet, and neither is Daisy's barn. It's cool because you can actually follow our trail on the site, and look at our neighbor's houses (hehe...I'm not a spy, though) ;-). Anyway, I thought it was interesting.

The white car is my mom's car!!!

Oh, and it shouldn't say "woodshed" it should say "hay shed"...oops!
It's the shed we store Daisy's hay in.


Anika said...

SWEET! at first i thought it was taken like a lot of years ago, ut then you said the car thing, and i was like ohh yeahhhh it had to be when they were already living there. lol

if you think about it, you or ur mom is probably in the house at that very moment! she could be in the shower for all you know!! lol, sry. hahah


Southern Commander said...

Cool! Love it! Oh and ya'll have a LOT of property:)! We only have 5acres:(! But we back right up to the State trails! YAY!

Southern Commander

Mellimaus said...

Haha, my mom in the shower, lol...I just looked up your house...I used maps.live.com ...type in your address, it works!

You're backed up to the state trails?! LUCKY!!!!!!!! I SOOO envy you! We have 23 acres, but our trail is short--15 minutes riding...but it's better then nothing... Thanks for the comment, Southern Commander!

Sarah said...

That's so cool! I'm dying to have an ariel (sp?) picture of my property.

It would be really neat to fly in a helicopter over the neighborhood I live in.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's cool!
I like to google map around our mountains alot looking for trails to explore.
It's akin to climbing the highest tree to look around, isn't it :)


Southern Commander said...

I know it's awesome! Us and like 5 other houses in our neighborhood back up to the State trails. Otherwise you have to go around the entire neighborhood to get to them(Blah!)!!!
Your Welcome!

Southern Commander

I LOVE JESUS said...

I just saw my house on the maps.live.com! It was soooo cool!!!! :)

Christine said...

How cool!

Tibby said...

awesome!!! i'm misha, btw. i started a blog again! yay! lol

Lydia said...

omg! awesome!!!! i'm going on that website RIGHT NOW! lol!

you know that trail you always ask me you wish you could ride on it when we pass it? ya know? the one where knapp and smith meet? it goes uphill? why don't you use that webisite to see who it belongs to!?!?!?

idk... i think its a good idea...

JO said...

pretty cool

Jutta said...

Verstehe ich das richtig? Ist das der Hühnerstall von Euch?

Gudl said...

Das ist unser Haus von oben (aus der 'Vogelpersektive')
Die Aufnahme ist schon aelter, denn unsere Garage u unser Stall ist noch nicht da. Man sieht nur unser Haus u unseren Schuppen,wo nun das Heu drin ist


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