Sunday, November 16, 2008

Million Dollar Blog Award

Lisa, over at Laughing Orca Ranch (one of my favorite blogs (and bloggers)) gave me the Million Dollar Friend award! Thank you SOOO much!!!! And now, I get the honor of passing it on to people. So here we go.

First, I'm passing it on to Southern Commander, who's horse's name is Sonny. Unfortunately, she doesn't have Sonny with her right now :-( but hopefully she'll get him soon!

Annndddd I'm giving it to Sarah! She has a filly named Valley that she's training...

And Farmgirl....because she has a cool donkey...and I like donkeys. And she's nice.

And (I know, you are totally not going to believe this)...I'm going to pass the award on to....drumroll, please...MY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Except I think that passing it on to her makes it the "Million Dollar Mom" award, not friend....but that's ok.


Sarah said...

OO! Thanx!! *hugs* :) I think that's my second award you've given me :P

I love your poll by the way. I voted 'no, I don't travel for Thanxgiving'. All my family (on my dad's side) comes to our (as in my family :P) house. :)

Southern Commander said...

Thanx soooo much:)! *bone crushing hug* :D

~Southern Commander~

Gudl said...

Thank you so much for the award!!
I feel honored.
Now YOU are tagged by me. Have a look on my blog.


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