Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Day In The Life...

Of Me:

5:42 AM-


Time to get up and go out to the barn to feed Daisy.
Grabbing a bottle of hot water at the same time to give the cats, because by now, there is snow on the ground and their water is frozen.

Later in the winter I will also bring a hot bean bag with me for their comfort.

Scoop Daisy's grain. 3/4 quart sweet feed, 1 1/4 tablespoon of Sho-Glo vitamins, 1 tablespoon of Vita-Calm.
1 flake of hay

5:52 AM-

Head back into the house, after laying out hay for Daisy to eat during the day, which my loving mother gives her throughout the day.

Daisy is spoiled.

5:54-6:30 AM-
Eat breakfast and get ready for school

6:40 AM-
Sit in the car at the bottom of the driveway and wait for the bus.
Board the bus.

6:40AM-7:14 AM-
Ride the bus through the country and to school, watching the sunrise on good's very pretty.

7:35 AM-2:15 PM:


Favorite classes: Orchestra and Math. I really like Math this year. I'm taking an algebra class, and the teacher is really nice. I've been playing violin for 5 years and I love it, hence I love orchestra.

Least favorite subject:
French/Earth Science: French used to be my most favorite class, and I was good at it, but this year we have a new (BORING) teacher, so it's not as fun :-/....Earth Science is just stressful and challenging, and I never much liked science anyway....

Subjects in between:
English:...alright...nothing special....English isn't hard for me, but it is for others, so she works making us do stuff that some kids struggle with, and others (like me) already know and get bored with...but it's a decent class, I suppose.

Social Studies:...not as good as all the other years. It used to be my favorite subject, besides Orchestra and French (which I liked before) studies is just all about wars lately, and it's not as interesting....

Rotating Classes (switch every 6 weeks):
Computer: Done. Fun class, I have a wpm ave. of I think 85 or 90....I did the final and got a high school credit...It was a class that is better then others.
Health:...Done as of yesterday
This speaks for itself.
My next class. Starts Monday. We'll see.

What can I say? It's a class where you are forced to get all sweaty and then go back to regular classes. "yey".

It's not too bad. I'm learning to enjoy it more.

Home & Careers:

We are learning about the "careers" portion. It's ok....kinda boring, though.

Best class of all.
Cafeteria food as greatly improved this year.

2:15 PM:

My darling mother normally picks me up, or I take the bus.
One day a week at this time I have an extra choir rehearsal afterschool, which takes me up to 3 PM

I go home and ride Daisy, then I clean her stall, bring in more hay to the barn to feed her, and I close her and the cats up for the night. Then I go in, do homework, practice violin, eat dinner, and blog....not necessarily in that order.

Another afternoon a week I have Bible study, too......

So that is my day.

For lack of something more interesting to write.

I just went riding, and when I rode Daisy up the driveway, she was very piggy and stubborn--she wanted to hurry home, and I mean hurry. So I forced her to walk first 10 steps, t then back up 5, then do that over again....then I progressed to 15 steps, 5 back up, then 20, then took a longggg time to get up the driveway that way, lol, but it calmed her down and she was better behaved.

That is my day.



Anika said...

ooo. that was fun. comments...:

i get on the bus exactly an HOUR after you do!! hahah when you get on the bus, i still have 20 more minutes of sleep to go. that suuuxxx. but ur school ends at 2:15 and mine ends at 2:40...alsooo

i kno what you mean about social studies, sooo boring, all about wars and government stuff.

oh, and i usually liked math, or at least didn't mind it, but this year i hate it. im in honors al, and it sux. its hard. pretty good, except for the teacher...*shudders*

i wish i still had home and careers, but we dont have that...we have a differnt FPA every quarter. so first quarter i had art every day with chorus and gym switching every other day, and now i have "21st Century" with chorus and gym switching every other day. 21st century is SUCH a boring class. you like, dont do anything, you just talk. its TORTURE!

ok, so yaaa, idk this comment was more about me than

that stinks french isn't as fun as it was for you. do you do any special things as 8th graders? like, we have 8th grade government...

Anika said...

oh, so i was just reading it again, and my 6th little "paragraph" thing is confusing.

we have 2 FPAs a day (which is ur fixed periods, i think they're called). one period 2 and one period 8. for period 2 i always have 21st century, everyday. but period 8, every other day i have gym and every other day chorus...

i think thats a little easier to understand..maybe...

Mellimaus said...

Haha, don't worry, I got it, Anika. :)

Idk what honors algebra is, I think I'm in Algebra 1....I would be TOTALLY confused, but the teacher has amazing notes, so if I have notes, I get it ;-) lol.

You do not wish you had home and careers. ALL you do is go over job applications, and practice doing them, and practice interviewing people and being interviewed (SO embaressing! :-/) and stuff. it's boring.

What is 21st century? Is that like tech?

Lydia said...

i would soooooooo love to be like you and take care of my own animals... i wish... oh, well... i know it sounds strange that i'd actually LIKE to wake up that early to take care of animals, but that's just me.

thats an interesting strategy you used for daisy. i wish i could've thought of that when stewy is like that, although its EXTREMELY rare he is like that... lol

allhorsestuff said...

That schedule is for the young..glad you make it through...I am tired reading it! My husband is back in school now as well as having a new nursing type job..he is doing pretty good..must be becasue he is 3 years younger....I will stick to what I do in life and the horses!
Yea...doing the tougher thinikg does make them listen as it is "boring them with the details"!

i love jesus said...

i don't know if i would ever be able to get up that early all of the time. :) i love hearing about your day. :) bye!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Goodness, your day starts early! I loved reading your schedule and "hearing" all your side comments about things. I totally felt like we were having a conversation about things! :-)
You are so gifted in the way you work with Daisy. What a smart (and gentle) way to show her who's boss. Your patience and novel approach for working with an obstinate, hurried horse is very evident. I learn a lot from you!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew. Your day starts too early. I'd need a nap by 1pm, if I did all that in that short of time.
Good for you, though. But it did remind me why I never liked school...such a long full scheduled day. It sounds like you are doing very well and are quite an advanced student.
You know, I never thought history or social studies was interesting either, until we started homeschooling. And then I realized what made history so boring, was having to memorize all those dates. The wars and why/how/where/and with whom they happened became much more fascinating when I didn't focus so much energy on memorizing dates.
Maybe that will help make it fun for you, too?

I'm laughing a little at the PE class. Since I've had my horse, I realize what a work-out it is to ride. I've lost a lot of weight and built muscles in my legs, arms and back....more than I ever have with any exercise/diet program. And I bet you are, too.

Oh and yes I'd say Daisy Mae is one spoiled and well cared for, loved horse. She reminds me of my mare, too. And she also gets a little crabby sometimes.

You know just what to do, though, reminding Daisy to focus and to move forward. Reminding her that arguing with you and trying to get her own way, means more work for her. Good for you in your training time with her. She's such a good horse for you and you are both a good team.

I always enjoy reading about the time you spend with your sweet horse.

Allen said...

French haters Unite!


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