Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Glorious Saturday

So, I did another slide show. They are just much easier for me to upload pics too, and I don't think they use up my space for pics on you'll have to live with the slides. If you have problems with the slide, please let me know.

On Saturday-yesterday- I cleaned my tack, as you can see, because on Tuesday I have evaluations. I'm not sure if I've explained evals on my blog yet, so I will. Tomorrow (Monday) Daisy is getting picked up by trailer by my 4H leader. I will ride her at my leader's house (she just got an indoor arena!!!) and Daisy will spend the night. On Tuesday I will ride both Bubba and Daisy at my leader's house, and Daisy will spend a night. On Wendesday Daisy and Bubba, plus another horse, Bella, who other members of the club are being evaluated on, will be trailered to our county fairgrounds. I will ride Bubba and then Daisy in front of a judge, who will have me do walk/trot/canter and ask me questions about horsecare, etc. At the end, the judge(s) will tell me what level I can show at: walk/trot or walk/trot/canter...Daisy will spend Wednesday night at my leader's, and on Thursday she comes home again. ANYWAY, I cleaned my tack to make sure it still looks clean. I'm glad I did because now it looks really nice.

Then I rode. I rode with just the bareback pad because my girth and breast collar, the things that keep the saddle on the horse, were in the wash. Lately I have been riding a 3 1/2 mile block around our house on the road. There are a lot of hills, so it feels like it's longer. I took some pictures, and on the first "hill" picture, if you look to the right, you can see the "intersection" I talked about in the pic beforehand.

On the last hill going down to our road there is a boat. The first time I road by it last Wednesday, Daisy was afraid of it, and I had to ride her by it a few times until she got used to it. Now she's fine with it. The view is gorgeous riding around there, and it really makes me appreciate the beauty of God's creation. I'm so thankful for my wonderful life--I'm SO happy. I really can't complain about anything-and I know that's rare...of course, I'm still a (choke, gasp) "Kid", but...

When I got back, Daisy was really sweaty and tired because on the last hill home we galloped the whole thing and it was a big hill. I hosed her off, and that's why she's so dark colored in the second to last picture. Hope this wasn't too long, and that you enjoy the pics!

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I Love Jesus said...

I love the slide show! Those pictures are great too!

Anika said...

grrr. I have to type my whole comment again, because it got messed up!
Well, the saddle and bridle, especially the bit look really clean. We cleaned our western saddle awhile ago, but we haven't used it once. I dunno why we have The picture of Daisy afterwards looks so cute, with her ears perked. I wanted to make a post with a slide show, but I dont know what pictures to use... so, we'll see..

I just watched the slideshow again, and the pictures all came out really well. They're all clear and stuff.
Oky Doky, I think I'm done here. yupp. byeee


Sarah said...

Sounds like your gonna have a fun week! I would like to see the pictures, but right now this computer isn't letting me. :|

I've tried to make my own slideshow, but it won't let me save it, so I can't make one. So frustrating! But that was on another computer.. lemme try this one...

Sarah said...

ok! Good. It let me see the pictures.

That bit was really shiny! And the saddle looked really nice. And the afterward picture of Daisy where you had sprayed her down, it was really good with her looking away with her ears pricked up! :)

Roheryn said...

Good luck with the evaluations!

Showing ish really fun!

Shiney!! *Eyes light up*

Markus said...

very nice slideshow. maybe ill start doing those ;-)

im glad you're having fun and enjoying life!

see you this weekend.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Fun pictures, Mellimaus....and GOOD LUCK on Wednesday! It will be fun to hear your stories afterwards on how it went.
Good job on the tack cleaning - it all looks gorgeous!!

mitzi said...

Cool! Tell us how the evaluation thingy goes!

Twinville said...

I know alot of young girls, and I was one once, and I just want you to know you are an inspiration. You are dedicated, devoted, loving, caring, excited, mature, and a hard worker. And most importantly you are appreciative towards your family and to God.

You have a beautiful horse and live in a lovely area of the country. Yes, girl, you are truly blessed.

Thanks for the wonderful slideshow. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Good for Daisy Mae getting over her fear of the scary boat, with your help. You and Daisy Mae make the perfect team.


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