Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Poor Baby Girl

Well, Daisy is lame...I went to get her from the paddock today, which I normally never have to do because she comes to ME, and when I tried to lead her she didn't want to move. I finally got her to, but she was favoring her front right leg terribly, she didn't want to put weight on it. I got a hoof pick, because I though maybe she had a stone in her hoof that was causing her trouble, and I picked her feet. She still didn't want to move. I soaked her hoof in Epsom salts and warm water while she ate hand cut grass (She's so spoiled) and hay. I'm pretty sure the injury isn't in her leg because there is no swelling or heat. The video below shows her walking. It's kind of hard to tell, but if you watch closely you see her stumble a few times. She was lame once last year because of a her frog was ripped in one place, but this time she favors her leg A LOT more and it's not her frog, from what I can tell. I won't be riding her much the next few days. The farrier has an appointment on Friday afternoon, so I'll have him check and see if she has an abscess... Any advice?

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Wanda said...

Oh Mil ~~ I'm so so sorry for Daisy Mae. You are such a sweet and loving owner. Daisy Mae is so fortunate to have you.

Keep us updated on her progress.

Love and Hugs

Pony Girl said...

Poor Daisy girl! I am no expert but she does look pretty sore. I would say it could be an abscess, if you don't see any swelling or heat. I read somewhere that a horse with a painful abscess will almost walk like it has a broken leg, it can limp pretty bad. Or, perhaps she did something to her shoulder? It's a good thing the farrier will be out, he'll be able to let you know if it is an abscess and how to treat it. Keep us posted and I hope she is on the mend soon!

Roheryn said...

ooh ouch. Definatly can see the limp.

There's the possibility. My guy abcessed recently ((just before Garden State <_<))
And we couldn't even take him out of his stall it was so bad. With his, you could feel the heat in his lower leg that was caused by the abcess at one point.

I hope you get it figured out and get her back on four sound feet soon!

Anonymous said...

Hay it sounds alot like what my horse did. We were jumping one day and all the sudden he tripped when he landed.He was fine the rest of the day but the next day he was limping alot. We called the vet and he said it was probably an abscess or he sprained something so 2-3 days later he was walking like nothing had happened at all. It also happened to my trainers freinds horse and it turned out it was a sprain. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Aww. Hope you figure it out. I know nothing about horses.

Anika said...

Aw poor Miss Daisy Mae!! I hope she gets better soon! Keep us posted on what the farrier said!

Daniela said...

Mist, das ist ja ganz schoen viel wie sie lahmt.
Ich wuerde auf keinen fall Reiten oder sonstwas machen.Weiter beobachten, Stallruhe und mal warten was der Schmied sagt.Wenn der nichts findet und es geht nicht weg musst du wohl oder uebel den Tierarzt rufen...
Hope it will be better soon

GRuss Daniela

mitzi said...

Poor Daisy :( I don't know much about that sort of thing, but maybe this website can help:


You have to scroll down a little until it says "Where should I start my search?" bold letters. I hope it helps!

I Love Jesus said...

I hope Daisy is all better!

Twinville said...

Oh no! Poor sweet Daisy Mae! I'm so sorry Mell! With her limping and her ears laid way back I can see that she is miserable!
But that dear sweet horse of yours is till willing to do as you ask. Bless her big loving heart.

Is it me or does she also still look a bit on the thin side? I remember you mentioning that she needed to gain some weight a while ago.
What did the vet say to do for that?

I hope Daisy gets through this bruising and discomfort quickly.
Hang in there and just spoil her even more than you already do.


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