Thursday, June 26, 2008

Miss Genevieve

Well, I made a post once about Groenemeyer, so I decided to do one on his sister, Genevieve. Genny is an awesome cat-I think of the two, she's my personal favorite, although I love her brother, too. She's more loyal, she hangs around at home, and more sensible. REALLY. He's just kind of a "head in the clouds" cat, who will love anyone, but will leave during the day and not come back until a few hours later. Genevieve, on the other hand, comes running as soon as you call, and purrs really loud as soon as you pick her up. We used to have a gray tiger cat named Puppi, who died in 2006, and Puppi never really liked me...she was shy, and very nice once you got to know her, but she didn't really let me get to know her. Genevieve has just about the same personality and looks as Puppi, and it's like having her back again, except this time, she likes me. She and her brother make an odd couple-he's kind of dumb, and risky, and she's there to kind of tag along and get him out of trouble, or watch the trouble take place from a safe place...anyway, I hope you don't think the slide is toooooooooooo long...Enjoy! Summer is here for me, now!

4:42 PM

BTW, you can make the pics go faster by clicking the plus sign ( + ) and scroll your mouse over each pic and read the captions, too!


mitzi said...

Oh I love the pic where Genevieve is pawing at the camera!!!! She sounds like such a cute cat!

mitzi said...

I mean she sounds like a sweet cat and she is a cute cat. Lol :)

Gudl said...

Very nice photos of our Genny! I love her, too. She really is a lot like Pueppi! I am very happy that we found these two cats; they belong to us now and they make our 'little farm' complete,right?!
Great job with this post in honor of Miss Genevieve!!

Anika said...

hey! That wasn't too long! Man, I think I liked her/them better when they were little and got stuffed in my sweatshirt and were held with one hand. *tear* It's so sad. If only they could stay little forever. But, she's super cute still, in some pictures she looks way different then in others. Well, I'll be able to see her soon!! 4.5 days left!

The Un-tamed Wolf said...

So cute!

Sarah said...

That was me Sarah FYI signed into me new blog account. ;)

Wanda said...

Ginny is just too cute....I miss not having cats.

You slide shows are very professional.

Anika and Tobias said...

Hi Melissa! How's it going! Yesterday we saw the video of your chickens on youtube! Bye!

The End


Tobias said...

oo! Nice cat! I like the 2 kittens as babies. They were cute! Please come visit my blog soon!!


PS. Who is the person getting things out of the truck?

(Anika typed this but Tobias said everything, I tried to explain to him the person, but he wanted to ask you anyway.)

Melissa said...

HEY, 'Bias! What's up? I will definately check your blog soon!

The person getting stuff out of the truck is the farrier ;-).

Yes, the kittys were really cute as kittens, weren't they?!?

Twinville said...

You have such talent with the photos. And both of your kitties are precious. They are lucky to have you to love them and such a wonderful place to call home, too.


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