Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dentist Visit and New Paddock

Daisy's dentist came yesterday to float Daisy's teeth, and I must say, I think he's a real horse whisperer. He's very calm and quite with Daisy, and "Ms. I always have my ears back if you're in even a 10 foot radius of me" had her ears foreword the WHOLE TIME! She was even leaning into the rasp! When horses get their teeth 'floated' the dentist uses something that looks like this.
They run it up and down over the horses teeth to file them down, so they don't get over grown and cause eating problems. Daisy did really well!
Thanks for all your comments on Daisy getting shod (put shoes on)! I have called the vet and hopefully she will get them on soon...I can't ride 'till then!
We always thought that we couldn't let Daisy graze on our sewer field because we thought that she might a) crush the pipes or b) eat chemicals from underground. WELL, our power went out on Saturday, and a man came to fix it who actually laid the base for our barn, and he said that as long as the field isn't swimming in chemical-y water, (which it definitely isn't) it's fine! SO, I put up a temporary fence on it, and now Daisy has lots of lush grass to eat! That's the first pic.

Have a nice end of the week! I'm planning another post for in a few days, too, so...

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I Love Jesus said...

My sister's horse has to get his teeth floated usually once a year. I like watching, but I feel bad for Domino. :)

mitzi said...

Oh that's ccccoooolll!!!

Anika said...

Oreo's teeth were so bad that they did the best they could, but this time around, they have to use electrical tools. doesnt that suk?

good miss daisy mae!!

18 1/2 more dayss!!

Wanda said...

I sure don't know much about horses ~~~ didn't know they had dentists... You are such a good owner .... and the grass looks very green.

Twinville said...

Wow, such lush grass! We only have weeds and a bare spot over our sewer's drain field.

That's great that Daisy did so well for her floating. One thing down and the feet to go. I hope she heals up quickly with no pain. Sweet girl.

Sarah said...

I gotta get my horses teeth floated. How much does it cost? (you can tell I'm bad at not getting the vet and dentist over here as often as I should.)

Floating is supposed to be once a year, right?

Come to think of it, I think I might need the ferrier to come out here. It's been... how many months? gosh, I think it was fall the last time he came.

Mellimaus said...

Haha, Yes, you should have your horse's teeth floated once a year, even more often if it's an older horse, because they are more likely to have teeth problems. The farrier is supposed to come once every 2 months for filing, and more often if the horse is shoed. ;-)
Better make phone calls! :D

Anonymous said...

hello, I really enjoyed the photo´s of the four horses made by Mallisa´s parants while they were at my place in Germany 2 weeks ago. Beautifully done Mallisa and thank your for posting them.


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