Friday, August 24, 2007

Miss Daisy's Braids

So, this is how it went after the bath. I know, these posts are a little out of order, and late, but oh well. First we bathed her, then we took her to the top of the field to let her graze. Anika worked diligently on her mane, and I did a little braid on her tail. I admit, I was lazy, so thanks Anika for working so hard! I did a couple braids, 5 or so, but... Anyway, after that we let her go in her paddock and gave her hay to eat while she finished drying. You see me hugging her? That was before we put daisy's in Daisy's mane. I put them in as a decoration :-). Anyway, I will show you later what her mane looked like when we took the braids out. Very frizzy. Stay tuned! (and leave comments!)


JO said...

Daisy is so loved - she is lucky to have an owner like you :)

Gudl said...

I agree with jo!!
Daisy has the best life here and she is the prettiest horse around!!
Anika and you did a great job making her pretty! What a great idea with the daisies for Daisy!

Priscilla said...

I think the daisies really are a special touch!

Anika said...

Pretty Pretty girl!! How is she doing with her feet, I mean?

Mellimouse said...

She is still stumbling on them somtimes, but it's getting better.


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