Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lot's of Stuff- Part One

My cousin Anika was here this week, like I said, and we gave Daisy a bath on Sunday. She wasn't that dirty, but we did it anyway. We tied her to a tree and bathed her with Johnsans baby bath. I think she liked it. She never seemed that dirty, but the soap was always brown when we rubbed. I rubbed her white socks and stockings and they were so white they were almost pink. We cleaned her mane and tail, and after we washed her we braided them, and put daisys in Daisy's mane. She looked really pretty. I will post pictures of it later. We did a lot with her this week, and my cousin Anika took a lot of pictures, so when I get some of them I might post some. Make sure to visit her page and leave comments. We slept in the barn for two nights and even saw her lie down to sleep. I will post the pictures Anika took of her sleeping when I get them. I will also post pictures of us where we slept on the hay. We added bales and got sleeping bags. In the morning Daisy woke us by rubbing her hind end on her milk jug toys and making noise. She knows when her breakfast is! Anyway, check back for more posts!


Anika said...

That was so much fun!!! sleeping in the barn, mucking out the stall, riding everyday, giving her a bath, it was so fun!! I wish i still lived in NY!! :-( :'-(

Miss you and Daisy!!


Gudl said...

You girls did a great job giving Daisy a bath. She felt so soft afterwards!


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