Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pony Rides!

Daisy did a great job the other day giving a pony ride to a little friend of mine. She was fabulous. She just walked around really calm, with me and her little charge sitting on her and "chatting". She was great. The little miss wants to come back and ride again very soon. Daisy and I are looking foreword to it. I thought this was a pretty picture of it. My mother changed it to black and white. It looks pretty cool, huh? Daisy looks very poised in the picture too. I just thought I'd post it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa and Daisy,
soon you will have another little " pony rider " ;-) ! Melina is really looking forward to seeing you and Daisy ! As well as I am !
Viele Gruesse, Iris

Priscilla said...

That is a nice picture. I'm sure your little friend really enjoyed that!


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