Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fair Prep: t-6 days!

County Fair officially starts on Tuesday! Tuesday is English day, on Bubba, Wednesday is mounted games on Daisy (the rest of the week is on Daisy), Thursday is Western Day, Friday is Gymkhana...
Jean and I are discussing doing costume classes with the horses...I wanna dress Daisy and I up as biker chicks...any suggestions as to how to do that? Or what music to play (as we gallop around the ring)? I wanna dress up in all black, and her too....makes me wish I had a black quarter sheet ;)

I've also been working with her walking (and trotting) over a tarp...The first day, I started out over a blanket, then progressed to a folded up, 1 ft wide tarp, and made it wider and wider as she got comfortable...but when it was full sized, after walking over it a few times, I had her stop in the middle and I let her smell it, and she flipped...back to square one. I took her back to the blanket, and she was skeptical, but went over and we ended on that good note...I went back the other day and did it all over again... She's alright with it, but you can tell she's not comfortable. One time she'll walk over, the next she insists on rushing over. If I ask her to stop, she'll either stop, and then shift all her weight back and suddenly shoot backwards, or she'll stop and walk over's always different. I've been using food rewards for each good step she takes...but she's still not totally comfortable. The only thing I can think is that at least if it were to come up to a tarp in a trail class, I could probably handle walking her over...but not if we need to stop in the middle ;) :P.

So...I would love suggestions for the costume class Thursday... ;)

P.S. We sent pictures of our lake swim to the paper...and a reporter emailed and said that our swim was legal, but they brought the subject up before a city meeting to decide whether or not an amendment should be made to ban the swimming...I don't know yet what the outcome was. But we'll be in the paper with an article and interview :) Daisy goes public. haha


Sydney_bitless said...

We have had issues with the harbor manager at our local lake. Basically I contacted the township and they told me so long as we cleaned up and did not go down there when there was a lot of people we would be fine.

Amy M. said...

I absolutely love your blog Me I hope your horse rendezvous makes the Daily Mess! You certainly have my vote! Jean even was patriotic with her swimsuit! haha...Keep up the wonderful writings! As for the music to play in the ring, how about something classical like your mom's ring tone on her phone! : )

Gudl said...

lol, great idea, Amy!!


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