Thursday, July 22, 2010

Easyboot Gloves (....t-5 days)

My natural trimmer has become an official easycare inc. boot supplier...and I got me some boots today. I got two easy boot gloves for Daisy's fronts.
I cannot believe how great they are! Granted, I have not ridden in them yet. I only walked/trotted her over the gravel driveway...but...she...tracked up!!!! (Tracking up is when a horse steps so that their hind hooves land where their fronts leave off....) She is known to always trail in the hind...but she was floating. Over gravel.
Needless to say, I'm really excited to try them out. I hope I can harness some of that boot magic when I'm on her back ;) I'm pretty excited. She liked them, too. I let her out to graze a little with them still on, and she galloped to the grass so fast, didn't give the stones a second thought, and bucked like crazy (in joy).
Pretty sweeeet.
I will keep thee updated on the boot deal :)


Tammy said...

My EZ boot gloves lasted less than 2 hours. We got into a little bog - nothing bad - actually, one boot slipped & I got off & took it off. Finished crossing and when we got to dry ground, all that was left of the other boot was the gator. $60.... lost.

Good luck.

Sydney_bitless said...

I have a pair of easyboot originals for sale. Never used, tags still on. Size 00 $50 plus shipping if you know anyone interested.

I couldn't do with boots. They kept falling of. Or caused too much traction on the road. Too much money wasted on lost boots :C Easywalker horse shoes are far more worth the money for my horses but I do still like renegade hoof boots.

Michaela said...

Good luck with your boots! My farrier is a supplier too but Indigo never needed them so that saved some money in my pocket :-)

Bethany and Dahlia said...

yay! im glad she seems to be doing better with them already :)


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