Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hello! Spring has sprung here in our neck of the woods, and I LOVE it! We did have (gasp, choke, hack, scream) snow on Sunday, but it melted during the day, and this coming week we're supposed to be in mid to high 80's! GASP! OOPS! I just mixed Florida weather up with NY weather! Haha. Yes, tomorrow morning we (my mom and I) are leaving to meet my dad in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. But don't worry, little New Yorkers, there will be high 70's while we're gone! Not too bad! Anyway, we have a nice 'young lady' taking care of our animals for us.

First picture is of sun over our house, second is of our indoor (fat) cat, Freckles, lying in the sun, and the third is of Genevieve lying on a lawn chair outside. She looks like the perfect little cat. I added the little picture to the corner just for fun-it's her about to pounce on her brother (brother cut out of the picture, though). She's a cutie. I'll post more when I get back, right now I have some last minute packing to do. We're leaving our house tomorrow morning at 8:30am. I may or may not post when we're in Ft. Lauderdale-I'm bringing my camera and my mom is bringing her laptop, so it all depends on if I'm lazy or not. :D

Talk to you sooner or later, I guess!


Gudl said...

I absolutely love the first photo! the sun in the sky over the little house is just wonderful! Great shot Mellimaus!!
Great post, too. The photo of Freckles is adorable, too.
You are good, young lady! I guess I will take you on the trip tomorrow ;-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Have a wonderful, safe and FUN trip! Are you on spring break this week? Ours was way back in March! Viel Spass. Daisy wird dich bestimmt sehr vermissen!

Sarah said...

That first pic is BEAUTIFUL!!
Your cat's so cute!
I wanna kitty!

P.S. I love SPRING!

Anonymous said...

You are tagged on my blog : )

Anika said...

You've had Daisy for one year!!! Congratulations!!!

misha said...

Whoa, cool! Do you have family down there or something?

Allen said...

Remember to send postcards

JO said...

That first pic is AMAZING! Beautiful!

Enjoy your trip! HAVE FUN!

The kitty pics are great too! :)

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip.


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