Saturday, April 26, 2008

Slideshow of Ft. Lauderdale Trip 2008

This is a slide show overview of our trip to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida...lots of pics, a little long...I hope you like it!

If you're wondering about the picture of the dog at the end of the slide, check out .

We had a wonderful trip, I'm glad to be home! I'll post something about Daisy soon, just want to say, she shed a lot of hair while I was gone, so she's really slender and pretty---no more fuzzy bear! :D The cats are good, too...lately they are killing snakes...they killed three just in the week I was gone. I have a feeling the snakes will be no more by the end of the summer!

OH, btw, you can hit the little "X" in the corner of the music video so it goes small and you can see the slide. ALSO, if the words don't come up on the slide, move your mouse over the slide. ;-)


Gudl said...

I LOVE this slide show! It brought back all the good memories of our fantastic vacation! The song goes so well with it. While I watched it I felt very grateful to God.
You did a great job putting these beautiful photos together.
Love it, love it, love it (and you!!)

I Love Jesus said...

That was sooo cool!!!!! I LOVED it!!!! Write me soon!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

JO said...

The slide show was GREAT! Very cool Iquana pics :) Looks like you all had a fabulous trip! :) FUN FUN! Glad you are back now... Oh I have that same bathing suit you had on in the pic with you in the ocean - funny, huh? We have great taste! ;)

JO said...

OH! Yes! My Parrot does talk - he says lots of things... and makes a ton of different noises - I will have to record him some day and put it on the blog.... He Meows at kitties too - but we don't have a cat so we don't get to hear his do that anymore... When we talk ont he phone - he makes fun of us...he's a cool bird

Anika said...

HAPPY!!! I love that dog so much, man! Cool pictures. I want it to be summer so bad!

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures. Looks like you had fun.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Beautiful slide show! What a great trip. Can I borrow your swimsuit? :-) It's absolutely adorable and I leave for Mexico on Sunday.... lol

Mike said...

Excellent! Love the pics and the song, too!


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