Monday, April 7, 2008

Pictures from Today

I took these pictures today and yesterday of Daisy. The pictures of her tacked up western are from today and the road riding pictures and the picture of her standing with the house in the back round are from yesterday and the day before...Today was, I have to say, a WONDERFUL day. The weather was gorgeous, really warm, sunny, the birds are chirping...*sigh*...just wonderful. I took time today to braid thick braids into Daisy's mane because when I went outside to groom her and ride she was breathing hard like she was hot, so I thought that maybe if the side of her neck could get air (it couldn't because it was covered by Daisy's thick mane) then she may be cooler. I braided most of it in thick, kind of sloppy braids...Is my reasoning any good, or do you guys think that braiding her mane doesn't help whatsoever? Anyway, then we went riding, a nice slow ride because I didn't want her to get any hotter then she already was. Yesterday I took the pictures of riding on the road, and a video, which I will post ASAP--actually, right after this post.


Gudl said...

Please don't do that again. To ride and take photos and film ON THE ROAD! That is dangerous! I can come along and film for you next time if you want me too!

JO said...

The braids look lovely - and I am sure she appreciated them - she will loose some of that winter coat soon and cool off - maybe you can give her a little squirt of the hose?
... not a soaking just a mist.

I Love Jesus said...

I think the braiding of Daisy's hair was a good idea. I know when I have my hair pulled up it sure makes me less hot.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Such beautiful pictures, but listen to your Mama! :-)
I don't know if the braids helped Daisy stay cool or not, but it sure looked pretty!
Isn't it wonderful to have the sun shining a bit again?

Mellimaus said...

Man, I LOVE the sun! I can't be outside enough!'s still light out around eight! Amazing, compared to it being dark at five during the

I Love Jesus said...

I LOVE being outside too! I like it a lot when it stays dark in till 9:00. Anyway, I like the first picture you posted of Daisy and the saddle on her.

Twinville said...

I think the braids look pretty and it can't hurt her, and probably does help her feel cool.
Do what you think is best for her.
She looks happy there.

Your saddle look so small, but I suppose it is sized for a youth, right? What saddle did you buy. I can't remember.
I still haven't purchased a saddle for my Baby Doll. I can't make up my mind and it's a very big purchase that I want to be ahppy with.

Be careful while riding on the road! We're you by yourself?? Did anyone know where you were?

Mellimaus said...

Oh, don't worry, I always tell whoever's home that I'm riding and where I'm going/how long I should be gone...Do you ride English or western?...I got my saddle with Daisy--it's an old saddle, and I guess it is small, but it fits me, and Daisy, and it's a really good saddle-handmade for 'cowboys'...:-)


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