Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just an Update------AND A TAG!

Hello, ladies and gents!

I'm enjoying Ft. Lauderdale quite a's HOT here! LOL...I don't have any pictures because I'm too lazy to put them on my mom's laptop, upload them, take them back OFF the you'll get a slide show of pictures when I get far we went to Emeril's with a friend for lunch on Thursday, saw the movie Expelled yesterday, today we went to our favorite church for a service, spent the morning at the beach...more next weekend with the pictures....I do worry a little about Daisy and our kittens, and the chickens, and the dog (in the kennel, check her blog here for more info), but I'm sure it's ok...I know though, when I get back, I'll have my hands full with Daisy! She won't have been ridden for a week! The person taking care of her tried to lead line walk her today, and she wouldn't do it! My horse is SOOO stubborn! You think she'd behave better with someone else to look good...but no, she doesn''s amazing that I love her so much, yet she's so stubborn sometimes...well, I'll figure it out...anyway, I'll post more later. If you'd like to see pictures of where where we are as a kind of 'taste' of the awesome pictures I have, check out my mom's blog...her pictures are alright, amateur compared to mine, but it's ok for now, I guess! :-P (JK mom! LOL)

OOPS! I JUST remembered, Strivin tagged me! Sorry, I don't have time to do links, but I'll do my tag...I have to make a poem thing with my name. Here it is:

M-mighty....GOSH, I don't know!
L-loving,I sound like I'm a dog...
M-uh huh, another 'M'...umm....manlike----by that I mean I'm human. :-P
U-ummmmmmmmmm-er (Hehe, I'm being lazy)

Sorry, no one left to tag for this one! :D


Anika said...

cool! i haven't ridden oreo in like 3 weeks. :(

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - it sounds like you're having a great time...I'm sure Daisy and crew will be fine during your time away, but all will be VERY happy to see you when you get back. How funny that Daisy is acting up while you're not there. Stubborn is right!
I'm heading over to your Mom's blog now to take a look at some of her "amateur" photos (your words, not mine). Ha ha ha - you're FUNNY!!!

misha said...

coolness!!! poor abby :( i bet she misses u guys... and daisy probably misses you too. sounds like ur having fun in florda tho!

Twinville said...

Sounds like your Daisy girl misses you!
Have fun, but hurry home safe and sound.
I bet Daisy will give you happy nickers and whinnys when she sees you.
And all the other critters will probably overwhlem you with love and attention.

Anika said...

Aw man, I just realized when I got tagged, I didn't tag you altho i wanted to, but I was thinking you did get tagged already even though it was Abby. sorry!


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