Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home Again

I enjoyed Florida for a week. My Mom and I went riding on Wednesday last week at a tourist-style farm. It. . . left things to be desired. But here are the pictures anyway. 

 I rode a horse named Bush. He was 3x grumpier than Daisy, which I didn't think was possible, but it definitely is. 
 My mom rode a sweet Belgian cross named Flare. 

 Most of the week was spent enjoying the nice weather and the beautiful beach,
 within the dunes. 

I'm happy to be home though. Daisy was pretty happy to see me, I must say. She was completely muddy, she apparently had a grand time out with the other horses for the week. I groomed her and let her loose in Jenny's (60x60) arena and free lunged her, joined up with her. No matter how many times I join up, it's still so cool! Daisy followed me everywhere afterward and even side passed away from me as I stepped toward her, something she's never done. 
Today I joined up with her again (I just couldn't resist) and then I rode her for a bit. I spent 95% of the ride not using my hands, just my legs, and I rode her walk/trot/canter with no hands. I sometimes had to use a short tug to reprimand her when she tried to turn to the barn gate, but otherwise it was such fun and she was sooo good! I love my mare :)


Ruffles said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip.
I love joining up with my horses. It's so special.

Bella said...

Florida sounds amazing :) It's getting so cold here... I want to go! I have to wait until April to go anywhere warm though. February Break is already claimed by the musical.


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