Sunday, November 27, 2011

Senior Pictures (And, Inevitably, Future Plans)

I am a homeschooled, high school student.
I attended public school from Kindergarten-10th grade.

I raise chickens.
 Then I decided I'd had enough. I'm homeschooling myself this year and I love it. When I planned my homeschool year, I realized that I could easily obtain the necessary credits, and graduate a year early.
And so, these are my senior pictures....

I considered what I wanted to do... go away to college to study equine science? Equine business management? Go to Colorado and work on a ranch? Go to Canada and study for 8 months? And what about Daisy?

My plans as of now are this:

I plan on studying business at a community college here in town, to gain some knowledge in how to run a business, business background, etc.  At the same time, I'm going to head up to Canada for a 10 day natural trimmer course taught by Lisa Huhn, of Equinextion ( While taking college classes, I'll apprentice under my own trimmer here in town who is certified in Lisa's methods.

I've played violin since third grade
Repeat for 2013, at which point I'll go for another trimmer course and continue apprenticing. 
Our 11-year old dog, Abby. ♥
So yes. I'm pursuing my passion, which just happens to be feet. I'm hoping to help restore the horse world's hooves to the way God originally intended them to be. 

Eventually, I hope to have my own farm. It will be an 'all natural' approach type of farm. But that is for another day :)

For now, I'm Florida-bound for a week of fun in the sun (and possibly some riding?!). Daisy is over at Jenny's farm again where she's well taken care of, not that this really keeps me from worrying about her ;).  She has a pasture buddy for the week, a bay mare named Jolee. Jolee tried to put on a show for Daisy today. Daisy flat out ignored her. Like the scene in Black Beauty where Beauty  puts on a show for Ginger, who just ignores it. ;) 

That's all for now :) Talk to you all in a week.


Ruffles said...

Good luck with your goals :)!

Gudl said...

I love this post!

Secretcolor said...

Great post! You can reach your goals as long as you trust in God!


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