Monday, December 12, 2011

Daisy's New Digs

Firstly. . . (is that a word?), how do you all like my new layout? The blog was seriously in need of a change. I like it. 
We decided to just leave Daisy at Jenny's farm because of the worse weather that is likely coming. . . not that it has come yet. All the photos are taken with my cellphone. . . one of these days I'll actually bring my camera along to the barn. Above are Daisy and her ex-pasture buddy, Jolee. They got along fine; the last day they were out together I actually came up and saw them eating together nose to nose on the same pile of hay! Hence the above picture. Daisy didn't seem to care either way about whether Jolee was near her or not, but i do think it was nice for her. Jenny decided to put Jolee out with her other new boarder instead because Daisy gets different hay from everyone else ( my hay instead of Jenny's) so it it would make things simpler. 

Daisy's hoof marks are below. I love when I move her off the concrete and find these. . . concavity, anyone? :) 

Below are photos of Daisy's old evening arrangement. . .she was on that side of the fence, and Stuart (the only gelding on the farm, the other boarded horse) was on the the other side. It's essentially still the same except that they swapped spots. These photos are already outdated (by a couple days). Shows what a *great* blogger I am! (Sarcastic remark).

I was really happy with where she was because she actually felt safe enough to sleep lying down at night; I found shavings in her tail for days. When she was in a stall at Jenny's last year she rarely slept lying down, and I figured it was because the stall was small. . . here in the run-in she slept lying down! I'm hoping she still will on the other side. She probably will once she has a couple days to get used to the situation change. Notice the board placed over the water trough; that is there because the little Missy pooed in that big trough while I was gone! Poor Jenny had to clean it out. So now most of it is covered. . . anyone have any tricks for getting horses not to do that? Daisy has a habit of pooping in buckets. 

 Yesterday Daisy and I went on a road that we haven't gone on since last winter, so naturally Daisy was all excited and energetic. I love when she's like that! It's so much more fun to not have to squeeze her along every step. We met a mare out hand walking with her owner. We rode up to this farm and this draft-cross came cantering down the pasture to visit. Daisy whinnied out loud! Sweet horses. We'll visit again soon.
A fellow rider stopped to introduce herself, and we're hoping to swap numbers and go trail riding sometime this winter. I hope it works out. It would be a nice change!

I gave another lesson on Daisy today in Jenny's arena. We had fun lunging and learning to post. It's so funny to teach someone to post, as I've never taught it before and I'm not sure how to go about it. I just repeat "up down up down up down up down" over and over as one of Daisy's fore-legs moves forward and back. It's so fun instructing!

How are you all holding up? We've had a pretty mild December so far, snow and temperature wise. 
Happy trails,


BeBe said...

I like the background!

Sydney said...

I am glad Daisy is doing well driving. You should stone boat her now. I made one for literally $ (the chain cost me the most$) out of an old pallet I re-structured and put old barn siding on the runners. Put a bale of straw on it and it makes a lovely makeshift sleigh.

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Bella said...

For the water trough thing... Toby has a mare (Queenie) that loves to physically get INTO the water trough, so she puts one water trough upside down under another one right side up and fills that one up w/ water. It was working... Until Queenie got up on her back legs and put her front feet in it and pulled it down again. Hahaha:) That was funny to watch.


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