Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Not an Abscess....

Jean picked up Daisy today. Once we got to her farm, I walked Daisy for Jean and Jean very quickly picked up on the problem.
It's definitely not in her hooves.
Daisy's hind leg is swollen, way above the hock, almost to her belly on the right. It seems like either she was stung, as there is a really obvious lump, or she strained a muscle in her hind end. As soon as Jean pointed it out, it was really obvious. I feel bad I didn't notice it before! However, it did require lifting her tail to actually see it, so it makes a little sense that I didn't notice it...seeing as I'm leading her and trying to look. :P
Anyone else ever heard of swelling there? It's really strange. We cold-hosed it (Daisy was very tolerable) and I'm giving her a few days off...I'll see her again on Wednesday and see how she is. I leave Thursday in any case.

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Lydia said...

Good luck with Daisy! I hope she's gets better soon. :) Maybe the person you wanted to ride her could just hose and walk her regularly instead of riding. (unless her recovery is really fast :P)



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