Monday, April 19, 2010

I Just Love Her...

Nothing much new to report but that Daisy is still steadily improving/healing. The swelling is basically gone; now she just rides like a pony with a one week break. I know, most ponies are fine after one week off... not Daisy. She behaves relatively well, but is just really energetic and active...we went on a small trail ride with Jean's two sons today, and Daisy was a bit ahead of both with her active walk...I have trouble keeping her at a LAZY walk! Haha. We rode in a big clearing where a bulldozer was running. It spooked her a little at first (just tried to spin (slowly) and back away, but with the other ponies going she went) but then she got pretty used to it. There's a log jump in the clearing; not big, but big enough to force her to truly jump, and we went over it a few times. She felt INCREDIBLE. It was like a mini-high that I felt like at the cross country schooling in October. When a jump is big enough to challenge her so she picks up her hooves for real and rounds over it, she feels sooo good. I knew in the midst of her silliness there was a reason I loved her! :) She's the bestest, despite her frequent shenanigans. ;) Of course, as soon as she got out, she took a nice roll and ruined the good grooming I have her...*sigh*. I filmed it...may put in on at some point ;)

And these fine young ladies should be our neighbors in a few weeks (*fingers crossed*)
Jordan to the left, Jayda to the right. Jean's sister, Jenny, is closing on a house (hopefully this week) that is on a street next to ours, for me about a 10-15 minute horse ride over. AND! They have an indoor!!!

Yeah. I'm psyched. :D


Sara said...

My horse loves to roll in the mud right after I give her a bath! teehee

Katherine Blocksdorf said...

Great blog! I'm glad your girl is better and you're able to get out to ride.

Lydia said...

Glad to hear Daisy's better! Haha, I love cross country as well, as you know. (; That's awesome they have an indoor! :D I bet you can't wait.

Sonny Days said...

haha! Sometimes when i'm riding my horse i sit there and wonder "why am i doing this he's trying to assassinate me!!!" then he does something awesome like jump really well or get his patterns perfect and it's all better again! and he can't even take 3 steps before rolling after I turn him out! (even when i spend 45 minutes making him pretty!) -.-


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