Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daisy Update

I visited Daisy today; I leave tomorrow. The swelling spread from her right upper leg to her we basically ruled out muscle strain. We talked to the vet and have her on benedryl for a few days (mixed capsules with apple sauce :)) and banamine today and tomorrow...and cold hosing. Jean is undertaking it all for me. :D We think right now that it was an insect bite...or multiple bites. If it doesn't go down Daisy will see the vet in a few days. She got her spring shot today and will see the vet while I'm gone anyway for her rabies and coggins. :)

And tomorrow...I'm off. Au revoir!...whoops! I mean Auf Wiedersehen! :)


Sydney said...

OH!! My friend had a gelding that got something like this. It was actually a bacteria that got into his bloodstream and made his legs/sheath swell up. He was always blamed for having bad genetics. I'll try and think of what the condition was.

Lydia said...

That's good that it's not a muscle strain. Hopefully when the vet comes out she'll figure out what it is if you haven't already by then. :) Hope you have fun in Germany! You are still going at some point even though your flight got cancelled, right?



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