Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Have Another Show!

Daisy and I went to a horse show about an hour away with Jean on Sunday and participated in English and Western combined pleasure/equitation, etc, classes. We got 2nd place in Pleasure! :D Out of a lot of people, so that was cool...and 3rd in command...we had to leave early, unfortunately, because of thunderstorms, so we didn't get to the barrel racing :-/...BUT I have another show on Saturday evening! I'm going to ride both Daisy and Sissy in the show so that should be fun! Plus, I'll still be in the same division, just ride twice each time, so I'll be beating "myself" on the different horses :-P

These videos show first the 8 horse trailer our club uses (the most we've used it for is 7 at a time) and the second is Daisy and I running Texas T in July at a show...we're kinda slow there...It annoys Daisy that she can't do Texas T without my help :P.

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