Sunday, August 2, 2009

(My First!) Sunday Still's Challange: Fences

I've never done a Sunday Still's before! I've been wanting to, though, so here I am! :D My next thing to try is Macro Monday...we'll see.

This week's challenge was fences...this pick is kinda lame for the topic, but I took it with my camera on a fence, so you see the fence and stuff soooo I am....welll, the first one was taken from below, but you STILL SEE A FENCE! Ok so lame-ooo, but I tried! :D I just liked the pics, I guess. :)

It's "I Love Jesus" (ILJ), back when I visited her in April...that's her and her lesson horse, Abel, who is AWESOME. He's a huge Appaloosa draft cross (right?...I think I'm missing something)...he's cool. Sooo anyway, that's my first Sunday Still! :D

Check out to see more "fences" all over blogland! :D

Btw, she also raises Guiding Eye's puppies, and is sending her first puppy she raised off to training today (His "IFT")! It's a bittersweet day; wishin' you luck, Beau! You did a great job with him, ILJ! We'll miss him; can't wait to see how far he goes.
You did so well with him, I'm anxious to see how Dahlia turns out! Good luck, I'm thinking of you!! <3


Ebie said...

Hi Mellimaus, welcome to Sunday Stills, it is a fun group. Great angle shot and your horse is such a beauty!

Ed said...

I concur, very nice and welcome to Sunday Stills and maybe Macro Monday..:-)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Cheers to your wonderful new horse..your li'l fence is fine too-
I think you'll enjoy these weekly prompts-

WildBlack said...

Hi, Welcome to sunday stills! Participation is more important! :D
Very nicely done! Cool shots! :D

flowerweaver said...

Not lame at all, they are interesting perspectives! Welcome to Sunday Stills!

Kelly said...

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing more!

chloe said...

welcome to sunday stills :)
always happy to meet a new photographer
i like your fence entries
p.s your horse is very cute & so white :)

allhorsestuff said...

Hiya girly,
Great fence..of course I like it casue of the horse on the other side!

Lydia said...

Great pictures, Melissa! Don't say they're lame, because they're not. I might try entering Marco Monday... hmmmmm...

Regular Guy said...

Nice job and welcome to the challenge. I like the horse photo looking at you.

Gudl said...

Great shots and ideas for this theme!


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