Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ok, So It's Saturday

Ok, sorry I didn't get to posting until now :-P...

Sooo, the person Jean trains with happened to know Daisy's second owner because she gave lessons to the women on Daisy (They took dressage lessons...idk if the dressage worked out with Daisy, :-P)...Daisy's second owner lived across the street from Daisy's first owner, who had her as a foal. I got the number of Daisy's second owner from the trainer and through the second owner, I emailed with the first one! It's sooo cool, I found out a lot of stuff. The first owner rescued a mare named Dancin' Farm Girl, a registered AQH from an auction, and she was pregnant with Daisy (Dosie Doe). When Daisy was born, they contacted the person who owned Daisy's mother before and tried to get information about the sire. The man said that the sire's name was Condon's Perfection, and that he was a gray thoroughbred. However, Daisy's first owner researched and didn't find such a mare. To get more information, they would have had to pay the owner of the stallion, so they didn't find out anything else. Following me? So that means that Daisy's sire could be a thoroughbred. I wouldn't be surprised---she looks like a thoroughbred, in miniature. Wouldn't that be SOO cool?! :)
I think I will include some of the email here. Just parts of it:

Dosie was a spitfire as a foal. She would put her ears back and chase you ONLY when your back was turned from a very young age. Not so funny when she got older. She has always been a chestnut. She was trained by _______ and my younger daughter _____, who outgrew her. We started riding her when she was around 4. She went and stayed with (trainer) and (trainer's wife) for training with my daughter going up and riding her to learn the methods (trainer) was using. She has always liked to be alone and she has always needed to be worked everyday. Miserable when no time was spent with her.
Dosie has always been a bit of a hard case, personality wise. She always acted like she was disgruntled but we always felt like it was just an act. Dosie loved having one on one attention and was always happiest when she was being worked in some fashion. We always felt that she would do best in a one horse home.

Reading this was really interesting for me (and funny). It sounds just like Daisy is today. She still likes to be alone (She doesn't care about other horses :-P) but she doesn't like it when she isn't worked. Most horses that are ridden regularly get a day off each week, but I don't give Daisy "days off". She doesn't get worked hard every day, so I just ride her everyday, because I know she likes it. She is still a "hard case personality wise". She has her ears pinned back all the time, but I ignore it because I know it's just a habit. Maybe her sire did that, too?!

In any case, I really, really enjoyed hearing about Daisy as a foal. The first owner said she would send pictures of her as a foal as well, and I'm really hoping she'll get around to it. :)

Well, I'm off to the restaurant!


Anika said...

thats cool! i dont think Daisy looks anything like a thoroughbred, but she doesn't look full, thats cool tho

Horse Lover said...

Awesome! I never met Sonny's breeder or even contacted her. So NO FAIR!

Horse Lover

Anonymous said...

Hallo Melissa,
ich hatte eine wirklich schlimme Woche wegen Fabi' s China Reise. Ich habe die letzten drei Tage in "unserem" Wald 2 Stundenritte mit Reiterfreundinnen gemacht und mein Jorchen ist gelaufen und getöltet, galoppert und Rennpass gelaufen, es war ein Traum. Ich bin glücklich dieses Pony zu haben.
Ich wünsche Dir mit Daisy May auch so schöne Momente.
Liebe Grüße

Mellimaus said...

Hey, Anika...

When I say that Daisy is "mini thoroughbred" I guess I should have said that she looks like she has thoroughbred in in, most of the time, QH's are stocky built, but she is "finer"...thinner legs and body, not fat (lol)...just not quarter-horsey, but thoroughbred-looking...


Do you know anyone who know's Sonny's breeder? Do you have pics of him as a foal?! I think it'd be SOOO cool to see Daisy as a foal. :-/ too bad she's grown up! lol


Hallo! Vielen Danke fur dein Kommentar. I know what you mean-it's like therapy to ride a horse when you're having problems. I'm glad Jor was so good for you! Horses are so nice and understanding. :) The fall here is beautiful, and I went riding in the woods with a friend of mine for about 2 hours yesterday and today. It's wonderful. I miss you, Heidi! Love you!

I LOVE JESUS said...

Hey! That is really cool! :) I can't wait to see pictures and I hope she sends pictures soon! :) Does the old owner want to see Daisy at all? Or no? Do you think if she does want to see Daisy you will let her? Just wondering. :) Bye!

Wanda said...

Thanks for sending me the messages that you have a new slide show.

You always do great photography!!!

Horse Lover said...

Yah I know the breeder sort of but my trainer picked him up as a surprise 10th b-day present from my parents:)! Oh and I do have a coupl hard photos that I need to put into the computer of when he was a baby!

Horse Lover

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmm. So how did I miss this post, Mell?! gah!

I just posted a whole bunch of stuff on Baby Doll's ancestory and history and here you've got some on Daisy, too. How cool is THAT?! :)

I wish I could actually speak with Baby Doll's previous owners, though. You are so lucky to have that chance.
I do hope you can get some foal photos of her, too. I'd love to see them.

Baby Doll and Daisy seem quite a bit alike personality-wise. She is definelty an 'only-horse' and gets annoyed when other horses get into her space...not aggressive...just backs away like "leave me alone, eh?"
She also is not a kissy-face horse either, though she does like to be petted and given attention. She's kind of independant and a bit standoff-ish some might say.

You and I, and our horses are all a little alike, too. We are all 'only children' who like our space. hehe

But you, my friend, are much more social and bubby than I am.
And I think that's great!



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