Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Stage One:
The specimen consumes her midday snack.

Step Two:
Food (Hay) is digested, and-

Step Three:
What SHOULD happen-

Compared to what DOES happen!:

Slightly gross post, I know, but I always think about what COULD be if this shirt above came true! Think of the money saved! Instead I just get a lot of work shoveling manure....sigh


worminator said...


worminator said...

Really, that was really funny!!!

worminator said...

i was serious about the fascinating thing

Gudl said...

That is funny!

Jutta said...

Schöne Bilder von Deinem Pferd.
Interessant mal ein Pferd "von innen"zu sehen:-)
Hast Dir das Shirt anfertigen lassen?Sieht gut aus:-)
Gruss Jutta

Daniela said...

Wie lustig Melissa, ja das Shirt habe ich auch schon mal gesehn und gedacht, das waere ja so schoen um wahr zu sein, in wahrheit frisst das Pferd naemlich Geld, aber lieber ein paar neue Hufeisen als ein paar neue Schuhe, so siehts aus!

I Love Jesus said...

Funny post, but reallu wouldn't it be nice if that did happen. :)

Priscilla said...

If that did happen...horses would be in such high demand that no one could afford them except for the very rich.

Michaela said...

Priscilla's probably right, everyone would want a horse! It would be cool, though. The horse could pay for it's own board!

Victoria said...

Thats just WONDERFUL!!!


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