Friday, January 18, 2008

Snapple Facts-From some jokes

Nothing else to post, SO, here are some cool snapple facts! I love them, they're so interesting to read!:
  1. Mount Everest rises a few millimeters every year
  2. The Statue of Liberty wears a size 879 sandal. :-)
  3. Snails can sleep up to 3 years! (that sounds WONDERFUL!)
  4. On average, you'll spend a year of your life looking for misplaced objects
  5. The last letter to be added to our alphabet was "J"
  6. Cold water weighs less then hot water
  7. Bamboo can grow 3 feet in just one day!
  8. Butterflies were known formally by the name "Flutterby"
  9. The tallest man was 8 feet, 11 inches
  10. Oysters can change gender back and forth
  11. Strawberry's contain more vitamin C then oranges
  12. The bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps
  13. Children grow faster in the spring
    1. Starfish have no brains (no wonder Patrick from Spongebob is so dumb...That explains everything!)
Now for some links to jokes from funny, take a look!):

That's it. I'll try to post something horsey this weekend! No school on Monday, because of Martin Luther King Day!


I Love Jesus said...

I liked the first and the second jokes best! They were funny! And I liked the Snapple fact things too. :) Well, Bye!

Anika said...

We dont have school on Monday or Tuesday!!! YAY

Anika said...

those facts are cool!! Oh, now i get the Patrick thing...perfect sense!

Gudl said...


Wanda said...

Oh what a great collection of fun information...I learned a lot today!!! Especially how many hours I've lost looking for the way where are my glasses???? :)

photogchic said...

I bet I will spend 2 years of my life looking for misplaced objects:-) I am always losing things!

Allen said...


Allen said...
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Victoria said...

Those facts are amazing!!!!!!!


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